Uncertain Times

7개월 전


I hate
I made
These grand plans
Just to have them blown away

I hate
To see
So much pain
From the collection of defeated

I don't
I don't get
Why this stupid virus
Was not contained where it began

I'm scared
For what the future holds
And if I'll have to start again
After just making a breakthrough

A lot of people are going through hard times over this pandemic. I'll say nobody is finding it funny.

That said some people seem to have it all together; even looking for new ways to improve themselves during this period.

For some a time of reflection, for some a time to rest, others a time of deep introspection.

Some of us (me included) are barely keeping it together.

Whatever the stage you're in just remember that it will end.

We may not know what the future holds, but we'll enter with the hope of Angels.

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Some of us (me included) are barely keeping it together.

It is a con, a psi op, not a pandemic. Do your research and get mad about the situation, not morose...

I'll say nobody is finding it funny.

I find laughing is the best medicine.
I find it hilarious that several hundred million people are falling for the most screwed up false flag in history.
(tragic funny, is still funny- it's just a matter of how you choose to see it..