The Night Owl Of Achievement - Enjoy with Troy!

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The Setting

There is quiet upon the air. The world slumbers in darkness, waiting for the awakening of dawn. Yet, seen through a window, is the night oil of one who slumbers not. With the night comes a quiet peace. Absent are the clatter of voices and interruption of voices.

For many this is our best time.

Of Motivation

The day has ended and in the quietness, I find my most productive time. Forgotten projects now receive full attention, as I organize, papers, totes, and scribble crypto bogs. One by one I greet these these items with motivation and thoroughness. The ticking of the clock is silent, as one, two or even three hours pass.

Brings Rewards

A feeling of satisfaction embraces me like a warm tender lover, with each goal that is fulfilled. Yes, accomplishment is a wonderful feeling, offering renewed hope and a healthy self- worth.

And Risks

Yet there can be health risks to being a night owl. And someone told me that the night was meant for sleeping, as natural light and darkness offers us a cue. Gee, don't you have enough brains to go to bed?

At Night

Though I can easily do days, I acclimate more to being a night owl. I have always been that way.

What About You?

What about you? When are you the most productive? Are You a day or night person?

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