Will Brazil again live a regime of military dictatorship?

3년 전

Hello steemians,

I come here to declare what can not be used in centralized media.

An unprecedented federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro, with a transfer of state security control to the general, still crawls, but, in terms of agenda, has already taken by storm or country and has awakened the ghosts about the limits and risks of the Army's performance in the Brazilian political life, echoing traumas that were not asleep during the last military dictatorship. While public security experts and human rights activists debated possible problems for the Armed Forces' actions in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, it was the army commander, General Eduardo Villas Bôas, who fuels controversial comparisons. During the meeting of the national councils of the Republic and Defense on Monday, Villas Bôas stated that he was worried about an institution of a new "Truth Commission" after the intervention of No Rio.

The government tries to manipulate the population, leading to believe that the only way out is intervention, but deep down our people are living a new coup.

May God bless our country. 'Cause our politicians just want to steal us.

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Difficult times ahead. I'm sure we'll see more posts from you on Brazil and the politics there...


Okay! Thanks

conocen Muchos la situacion que esta pasando venezuela. Como venezolana no deseo que pasen por escenarios de disctaduras, regimenes corruptos y delincuente que solo buscan su beneficio personal. sin importarle su pais, su decadencia la muerte de niños poor enfermades y hasta destunitricion porque sus familias no pueden darñle mejor vida. eso es triste..animo amigo y los bendiga y permitar salir adelante..


Si hermana! Sei a situação atual da Venezuela e por dentro isso me dói. Infelizmente o Brasil caminha para uma situação também muito ruim. Vamos fazendo o possível para abrir os olhos de alguns, ajudar outros como podemos. E no mais, pedir a benção de Deus!
Vou te seguir para mais notícias de nossa América do sul!


Si, Dios permitan que abranlos ojos y no se dejen envolver, la dictadura es una plaga y destruyen cualquier pais.. un abrazo, tambien le sigo par aver mas noticias. me encantaria conocer brazil jeje

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Nice to see some photos of the political climate as well, from you guys.