Flowers|| Some useful flowers

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1.Sun Flower

Sun flower is one year old flowering grapes.. This Flower is named after the sun and it is facing the sun.original(1).jpg
Usage :- sun flower is widely cultivated as a source of oil in many countries of the world..
Its seeds are used as food for poultry chicken and oil sources.. This seed was truncated and oil was truncated..

Sunflower oil is used as an alternative to ghee. This oil is good for other cooking oils and is very effective for heart patients.. The cholesterol level is very low.. It also contains vitamin A, D and E

2. MariGold

Marigold is an aromatic flower which is easily accessible everywhere and is used in the home furnishings... Marigold flowers can be seen in different varieties and colors. These flowers are usually yellow and orange yellow. Generally, it is a winter flower but it is now cultivated in summer and rainy season. In addition to the splendor of the garden, its extensive use of festivals, worship and festivals has given the flower different levels.... marigold-320668_640.jpg
Usage:- There are medicinal herbs of palm flower plants of Marigold. In the thorny place, the pores of the flowering plants stop bleeding from the wounds. In the villages of Bangladesh it is still used for wounds treatment..,

3. China Rose

China Rose is an evergreen shrub tree.. Its leaves are shiny and flowers have bright red color and 5 petals. The diameter of flowers is 10 cm and in the summer and autumn photons..onGwg-ifVzV-ethMO5i8PoGlpTV2dp8RdJfgLO6jcCWk9Y5P9dfLeE4SNvN6lGyL268r2v-bt0v8K6sVyUrMEbFvWR3aa5E-xIBVu9XrledXKoxXaqB6x_-7bhAVL7i23uvyMZzwvHxLaw4n0XzhAQ=w591-h249-nc.jpg
Usage :- To get rid of the disease Conjunctivtis, it is best to get leafy plaques..Sick and cauliflower flowers are mixed with water and the patient will recover.
For the growth of the hair, the juice of the juce mixed with oil will be applied to the hair..

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i love smell of flower and i know that everybody is same in this subjects... so your post is very good... carry on...

Great post ! I learnt something new about the sunflower. The rest of the flowers I haven't heard or read about before but they seem really good for our health.After all, most of the medicine that we have is built thanks to plants.

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wow ,,,, there is one of my favorite flowers. I really like your posts. Very interesting and fascinating.

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lol.. today I came to know that Shu Flower is also called China Rose..
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