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PeerTracks Live is a live blockchain radio from and has some great music streaming all day long for all us to listen to. uses SoundDAC blockchain and it's XSD tokens to reward artists. However, many might not be aware that SoundDAC blockchain is a forked version of Steem blockchain with similar properties as STEEM. Infact, many of our witnesses are also witnesses for this blockchain.

However, PeerTracks have been developing their product quite well and recently I found out they have a live radio of sorts streaming some amazing music and I've been enjoying it very much and hence this update.

You can head over to to listen to the music and you can check out more at

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This project however could have been executed using SMTs if it were up and running today or for that matter it would've been great if this product would've utilised Steem blockchain and token itself.

Nevertheless, as music lover and blockchain dapp enthusiast it's fun to use PeerTracks. They have some cool artists sharing their music and for us listeners its FREE!

Maybe someone will build something similar using Steem blockchain utilising SMTs (when SMTs finally come into existence)

Meanwhile, don't hold your breath and feel free to check this project and enjoy the music while you're at it.

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Good news for all music lovers.. Thanks for sharing.. A must try..

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That's good I also love music listening. thanks for sharing.

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Just listened to their live radio, it's nice and pretty good tracks. The idea and concept sounds good esp for music artists, many of them are on steem already. Only the creators are rewarded?

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That's good I also love music listening. thanks for sharing.

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Yeah nice platform to listen music anywhere anytime.

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@firepower, Thank you so much for letting us know and music is vital part of life for most of us. And good to see this Blockchain based music streamer and it can be proved as boost for the Blockchain Economy and for sure it will move towards the adoption for sure because music never stops. Stay blessed. 🙂

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