Your Opinion On Game Of Thrones Season 8 So Far

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This post may have some spoilers.

I just watched the 5th episode of the Game of Thrones Season 8. I enjoyed the episode for the most part but so many thoughts in my mind but mostly a little bit of dissatisfaction from the series where I feel perhaps the previous season were better made overall?



We all knew Cersei was gonna die sooner or later in the series but the way it happened kinda left me disappointed. Sometimes I feel I enjoyed Season 7 more than this one.

We have one more episode left to go and I can only wonder what will happen in this one. What are your expectations out of the show. I think i'm ready to watch it just to get it over with. Maybe because I don't have a very high expectation from the last episode for any major plot twist or character deaths etc.

Did you enjoy the the way this season was made so far? I haven't read the books, don't think I will ever find the time to do it. But those of you who have read the book to its conclusion, what's your take on the series final season.

Lemme know your opinions in the comments below.

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I’m really enjoying it, despite the season’s flaws. I loved the destruction of King’s Landing and the brutality of final battle.

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I see. I felt they kinda went overboard with it.


Yeah. A lot of people felt that way. I think they did in parts as well, but overall it was cool to see the destruction wrought by someone who thinks themselves as a savior. Beware those who come with lofty goals for all of humanity. :)

This season has been extremely disappointing. There's so much bad writing..

But those of you who have read the book to its conclusion, what's your take on the series final season.

The book series is far from finished. The show caught up with the books around season 5, so everything after this point has been new for book readers as well.


Seasons 1-4 were the golden times for GoT. GRRM was still aboard and all Dumb&Dumber had to do was retell the books.
Seasons 5-7 was mediocre, as book material ran out by the end of season 4, but they had a good foundation on which to build. It started out promising. The more the show progressed the worse it got.
Season 8 has been a total trainwreck and for anyone to say it's good, just boggles my mind. There's no way anyone can enjoy the writing atm unless they have totally forgotten about past seasons... even past few episodes. The writing is that incoherent, bad, bad, bad. Awful.


Trainwreck sums it up nicely.


I didn't know that actually since I haven't read the books or much into it. I learn't it as i read on the flaws of the show and from your comment.

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I just expected the Morther of dragon will show some Mercy for the innocent in Kings landing but she failed 😢


true that!

I'm not disappointed with the way characters die or live... I just feel like after season 8, episode 3 all episodes seem so superficial and not even close to what I'm expecting them to be!


same thoughts here

Mostly disappointed!
They built characters for 7 seasons and just rushed for their endings in season 8.

Season 7 was definitely way better than 8.

3rd episode was much better although I was hoping to see more of Night King but still it was good one.

Anyways, it will be more like as Ramsay Bolton said:

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

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Haha maybe so. But the writers sucked at their job with this season for sure.

Jon's gonna have to kill Daeynaris, she shouldn't have killed all those innocent people.

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fair point! would be nice if she doesn't trip over a rock and die in the final episode.


Jon's gonna kill her. He looked heartbroken.

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I think the show has been everything and more. Getting to see the cast kill offs, the plot twists and dragon turned night walker, it was something else.

The last episode which saw Daenerys raining hell on even the innocent is just heartbreaking like she is assuming the role of the Mad Queen.

I think John Snow will pull a stunt never expected in the next episode and Arya must surely get her pound of flesh for what she witnessed.


Let's hope they make the final episode exciting. can't screw up anymore than they have, or can they?

It's been a progressive slide into utter disappointment.



LMAO! Almost fell off my chair with this one hahaha