Day 22 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

2년 전

It has been a solid day of connecting and marketing on the Steem platform today for @DiggnDeeper and the Homesteaders Co-op.

This activity has actually pushed interest in yet another project I may have mentioned already, which is the Maker community on Steem. There is a lot in common with the Homesteader community and it seems likely that the two would be very supportive of each other.

The best thing I can come up with to reward my research and spark some action from the community is to start a curated "Follow Friday" sort of post that will be intended to continue. Over time, we can find the majority of the players in the community and that will be a good resource for new Steemians to use.

Once again, the intention is to provide a free resource or deed to the platform and assume that over time it will get rewarded by increased exposure and vote rewards.

Oh, yeah, back to the real estate media

Tomorrow, I have a couple of realtors in Florida to talk to about doing some work for them down there. That will sound really nice while the temperature here is supposed to be cold all week here in Cincinnasti.

I have my gear specifically chosen and prepped for travel. Early on, I decided I wanted to target upper-level properties because I want to do video and photography for real estate clients. This will be most valuable for unique, larger or upscale properties. Anyway, my point is, I know that to cater to that market, I need to be prepared to do plenty of travel.

One of these days, I would really like to do a video about my gear and how it is designed to travel, yet be of the highest quality content capture and production ready equipment available. These are truly great times to be in this business.

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