Day 24 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping.

2년 전


Gear and tools are obviously important. High end tools are a huge benefit when creating anything and creating content is no exception. There is no doubt that experience and the skills to use those tools is as important, or even more important than the tools themselves, but it isn't possible to start learning without those tools.

I learned in my farrier career that learning with cheap junk is no way to learn.

It is worth every cent and effort to acquire the best tools we can get our hands on. No better money is spent than on the best tools and the education to properly use them. Only then will experience be gained to connect the dots of all those lessons and drills.

The first video I'll be putting out, shortly, will be a run down of all these tools and why I chose them. A whole lot of work went into choosing them specifically for the type of work I plan to do. I'll explain all of that.

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