Gail Diaries: Schedule Fully Booked! (Part 1)

2년 전

Hello everyone! How had you been? Despite the fact that the value of STEEM and SBD had been so volatile, I do hope we all continue on sharing stories and inspiring people across the world.

Anyhow, my week has been so full of love. I am not even sure where exactly to start. Should I start with the World Teacher's Day? Well, I think I should.

Part 1 Celebration: World Teacher's Day

Teaching is a noble profession but I had never considered it to become a career although my parents are both educators. It was just then last year when my father told me to take up a certificate in teaching that I started to love the profession and aspired to become like my parents.

In all honesty, I have not thought of the benefits that teaching profession could bring into my life. It is just that it feels so fulfilling to see one aspire to be someone in the future because you were able to touch their lives. It brings me a lot of joy.

Last Sunday then, I was not expecting to receive from our church since I work/volunteer as a Sunday School teacher. Upon arriving at the church, all of my students greeted me with a warm welcome and asked me how my week was. Well, they have always been so sweet to me and I feel so blessed to be part of their lives.

Kisay then asked me that I should not head to our Sunday School classroom because they have a secret and they do not want to show it to me. Of course! I do have an idea what it was but I decided to play along with them. I really do not want to spoil their surprise and I know they worked so hard on it.

Before our Sunday School, the entire household surprise us by a short program. Some mothers sang to us. I was really moved then when my students hugged me tight like I am really their second mom.

We were also given a personalized mug as a token. It was indeed so sweet of them!


Well, during our Sunday School, since I was absent from the previous week, I just got along with the students. I asked them how they had been doing and it felt great that they were so comfortable in sharing it to me and to everyone in the class.

I know I was tasked to have a series of activities with them to keep them busy because they usually get so rowdy. Some of them would just instantly raise their voice, while one of them would just shout without even being triggered by anyone in the class. I felt so relieved though that only a few of them had misbehaved and they were so eager to listen to the story of the other students in the class.

I could not disagree with my mom then when she told me how blessed my students and I with each other. I just do hope they would continue to grow as curious, sweet, loving, and great kids as they are right now.

By the way, part 2 of this post will be shared to you all tomorrow so I hope you would stay tune even though I had been gone again for more than a week.

Always have a great day everyone!

Lots of love,
Johanna Gail

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Very nice @gaibelga 🙂

Happy World's Teacher Day 😀👏

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Great @gailbelga..

Happy teachers day, and goodluck in your caree ma'am gail


Thank you,dear!


You're werlcome, keep up the good work kabayan

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