Happy New Year from Our Huge Family to Yours

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Hello everyone! Wew! It is already 2020 and I still have not changed when it comes to my activity here on Steemit. Anyway, I am wishing you all the best things for this year. May there be a lot of promotions, promising love stories, and whatever type of progress that you want in life.

Anyway, the photo seen above summarizes my entire New Years Eve. One word for it? Well, it was epic! It feels so relieving to see everyone on the day that I treasure the most. Why do I treasure it the most? Well, for one, a new years means a new start. It means hope. Well, it means more than that to me but I could not put it into writing. That's something new for me right?

New Year's Eve Celebration

Anyway, how do we, the Hilario clan celebrate it? It is not that fancy but we all value it a lot. Despite the fact that the family is growing, we still decided to celebrate it in our ancestral house in Carmen.

There are actually more than five families under the same roof that night. I must say it was so rowdy especially that the kids were running almost everywhere in the house. Even before the party started, the boys were fighting over some games they have on their phones.

When we were younger, we really do not have phones. Of course! We just pass time till 12 playing cards. Most of the time I was not part of the game because there were card games that I do not have any idea how it is being executed. Haha! Blimmey! I know I am old and I keep reminiscing the past.

When the clock strikes12
Have I mentioned that the party doesn't start unless the clock strikes 12 midnight? Well, I guess not. Haha! When the clock struck 12, we all greeted everyone a happy new year. The kids hurriedly went outside to watch the fireworks on almost every corner of the city. It made me smile seeing how ecstatic they were.

You can even see at the left how my two year old nephew seemed to have screamed his lungs out upon seeing the fireworks.

Parties would never be parties without food

And the celebration would never be completed without the food on our small table. I have regarded it small then since there were a number of food served on top of it.

I must say, there were so much food on the table that I have only eaten the flavored chicken, california maki, a piece of roasted pig's skin, and some desserts. Oh yes! I really need to count my calorie intake or else my BMI would be skyrocketing!

To end the night, I just had a sip of wine. It was already three in the morning and I was already very sleepy. Before, I used to stay awake until five in the morning.

Morning came and everyone had their breakfast, my brother and I decided to play UNO with our nephews and cousins. It was really fun playing card games with them despite the fact that I am almost two decades older than them.

Funny though that we just used to carry them on our backs or arms, but right now they're playing with us. Oh well, I guess I am already that old.

2020 has just started and I do hope I could still spend a lot of time with my family and relatives. Although I love spending time with my friends, I still prefer the comfort that each member of our clan gives.

P.S.Oh no kids! Stop trying to beat me on this game! I had my fair share of losses. Haha!

Lovingly yours,
Johanna Gail

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Hi! I am Gail! I am a licensed professional teacher, and a freelance artist and writer. I would love to spread good vibes to everyone. Thanks for reading my blogs!
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