My First Visit to a Cat Café

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Hello everyone! How have you been these past few days? I hope you are as good as me and was not able to catch some fever, flu, or any harmful microorganism in your system.

Today, allow me to share to you some of the things I did last Wednesday, February 5. The fifth of February by the way is the birthday of my deceased Aunt Bath who used to be so sweet and loving to everyone. I grew up loving her and looking up on her since she is my mom's eldest sister. Since she used to be an English teacher, she taught me how to write proper English sentences. I am truly thankful to her and to the legacy that she left to me.

To remember her kindness, my mom together with Aunt Jean and my cousin Roxanne went to Greenhills to visit her remains together with some of our relatives who also died. I was not able to visit her with them though since I was up until morning writing a commissioned article and some artworks. But my mom called me at lunch time and told me to go to SM Downtown to have lunch with them at Panda Shabu-shabu.

I swear, the choice of food was great that I did not waste eating any ingredient because I finished the entire plate of rice and meal. I could still recall the fresh taste of soup despite of it being curry.

By the way, these three ladies were with me. From left to right, those are Ate Roxanne, my mom Dahlia, and Auntie Jean.

After eating, we checked some shops to look for a dress that my mom would be wearing on their school even in commemoration with their town feast. Since it was still early, we decided to have some coffee.

I am not a fan of coffee but I was just so excited. I mean I really do not usually go out and had been staying at home. Sometimes it bores me to death.

Upon realizing that the shop that we wanted to visit was close, my mom suggested that we should head to Cat Cafe near SM Cagayan de Oro (located uptown). I was then so happy.

Isn't it obvious how excited I was when I was about to enter the room full of cats?

Anyway, as you can see, I was dressed in a pink gown. This was for me and the other customers not to be covered by the thick fur of cats.

Let us welcome the cute cats!

I really was not able to ask their names because I was so busy playing and petting them. And there was just too many of them.

This one here has been so busy sleepy the entire time I was at the cafe. I did not bother him though because I think he has been up all night fighting evil spirits (as what some people on the internet believe).

This one seems to be very grumpy but he is actually not. That is just the cat's normal face.

There were also small cats. I do like them the most because they are very playful.

There were two Bengal cats but I could not take a photo of the other one because it was busy eating. They were already sold to someone and were just ready for pickup. It's spots look so incredible that I had been at awe upon seeing it in up close and personal.

I also have another favorite and it is this cat. It does not look like its friendly, but it has interacted most of my stay there with me. It also tried to play with my phone strap. Haha! What a playful cat indeed!

By the way, this one here is the naughtiest in the group. She tried to pick a fight on almost anyone that is getting on her nerves. She even scratched me on the hand without I realizing it.

And these are the other cats.

I cannot determine whether I am a cat or a dog person since I do love all of them so much. I grew up taking good care of my cousins' cat and right now I am taking care of two lovely doggos. True, they have a lot of differences and one cannot help but to fall in love with them.

I do hope that other people would realize this instead of hurting them. It makes me feel sad too seeing some stray cats and dogs being hurt by some people. They are just really trying hard to live so I hope they would be respected as special creatures in this planet. This goes to to other animals.

Let's continue to spread love to mankind while being stewards of this world!

Lots of meows, Johanna Gail

Hi! I am Gail! I am a licensed professional teacher, and a freelance artist and writer. I would love to spread good vibes to everyone. Thanks for reading my blogs!

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