Twice 5th Year Anniversary: My Very First Cup Sleeve Event

2년 전

Hello everyone especially to all kpop fans out there! Well, I think at some point, a number of people have loved Kpop or Korean Pop because of their catchy beats, good looking artists, and unusual concepts.

Anyway, how is your Christmas season going? Well, mine has just been going well. But hey, I would not talk much about it but instead focus on one of my 2019's highlight.

Now, why am I even extending my greetings to all kpop fans out there. Well, basically because my brother and I joined a kpop cup sleeve event for the first time last October 20. It was held at Mau Cha Milk Tea Café which is located near Xavier University Main Campus.

After the Sunday Service, my brother asked my mom to send us to the venue asap because we don't want to be late. First timers don't want to be late right? From the number of participants, we were the first to arrive so we got to check the venue and the merchs that were displayed.

Speaking of first timers, I must say, my brother and I were both nervous and excited. I had been a kpop fan since 2003 but I never join events such as this one. Anyhow, it is just recent din naman when kpop fans gather in events such as this one aside from concerts that were held in the metro.

The Venue and the Event
Twice has been a five year group already and it was the first time for Once CDO to organize such event. I for one is excited for such event because I got to meet a lot of people from different walks of life. To add, I am excited to join the games which were prepared.

Were there a lot of prizes? Of course there were! Unfortunately albums were not included. Basically because albums are quite expensive especially that they were shipped from South Korea.

Look! I just love how the organizers arranged the venue. They included POB (pre-order bonus) cards which were from different Twice era. It really gave me an idea on how to organize the Day6 fan gathering event which was held two weeks ago. It was my brother's event so yeah, I helped him out. Anyway, I will post about it on the days to come!

The cup sleeves were a bit thinner than I expected though. A lot of unofficial cards that were given as prizes.

I also got to meet a Once, a junior high school boy, who brought his Twice light stick with him. It changes colors and I love it. If I really am so hooked up into Kpop, I would be spending most of my money buying Kpop merchandises.

Speaking of prizes, I got to win the much coveted JiHyo PBO from the Fancy Album. But I decided to give it to my brother since I am not really a fan of collecting cards. Oh well, he was so happy!

What I am thankful the most is that I was able to make new friends. And by new friends I meant a decade younger than I. The games were more fan because of the gang's teasing. The great thing was that we were all able to win prizes during the games and raffles except for one who went out to check Hanbin's cup sleeve event.

Thank you "fHaKe fAnS" for making that day wonderful. Until next cup sleeve event!

Johanna Gail

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