ClearTouch 6000U Series - Interactive display for collaborative learning

10개월 전


The 6000U Series is our easiest to use, most intuitive, most powerful, and most interactive panel yet—loaded with features that help you collaborate and work smarter.

This is an awesome interactive display by ClearTouch designed for classrooms. It makes learning more interesting, engaging and collaborative. Touch response is very intuitive and supports 20 points of touch. Students can touch and write with a pen at the same time.

The display can be mounted on the wall or used in table-top position. ClearTouch also offers a convertible mobile stand as an accessory. See the second image. Buyers can also use it with their own stands.

The 6000U Series is powered with enhanced Android processor and uses the Android 5.1 Operating System. Moreover, it comes with ClearTouch Store that makes branded and curated apps easily available and accessible with a single touch.

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