Caret - Markdown editor for Mac, Windows and Linux

10개월 전


Caret is a very useful markdown editor with a clean interface, full of features, made with productivity and efficient workflow in mind. Those who love dark mode won't be disappointed. It has both day and night mode. I prefer dark mode better.

It is packed with features such as assistance, auto-completion, context action, multiple cursors, extend the selection, inline render, etc.

What I like most about Carot is, its clean interface, so the user can focus on their creativity and get things done without any distraction.

If you work with documents this is a desktop app you need to have. If you are a ​blogger, improve your blogging workflow with Carot.

The app costs $29 for continued use. I have downloaded the app for free and it using right now. Not sure if this is a free trial and it will expire at some point.

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