Today in history! Church supresses advancement of science!

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Ever heard of a guy named Galileo? Well he was some nutjob that suggested that the earth was not the center of the universe and that the planets actually orbit the sun. Crazy heathen that he was he had based his findings on actual observations that can be confirmed and tested by anyone with the wherewithal to bother repeating the test. In the 1600's it was already pretty well-known that you are not supposed to do this, you are just supposed to listen to the people with power :P

i mean, he just looks like a troublemaker

The pope at the time, under threat of death, forced Galileo to publicly recant his assertions that the earth, and all the rocks around it, actually orbited the sun. Even though he reversed his statements publicly, Galileo was still sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

I like a good Inquisition as much as the next guy. I mean I did recently sink more than 100 hours into a game that had "Inquisition" in the title of it. What a time to be alive! If anyone dares challenge the church's views of things, even if you are correct, you will be forced to revise your findings in lieu of what they think.... who is factually correct is irrelevant!

before anyone tries to get all book-smart on me, know that yes, i realize that Galileo was in Italy, not Spain

The crazy thing about this date in history is not so much that the church was using threat of violence to suppress dissenting ideas... i mean, this was kinda what they were all about....The fact that they stuck with this opine for so damn long is what is truly disappointing. The Vatican finally recognized that they were wrong in 1992. wow.


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I'm glade to see you branching out,. Doing a little history and a lot of sarcasm!


i have to admit, I enjoy this and it is partly because of your initial response that I am doing so.... So thank you!


you're welcome

In many ways the current world resembles that world. Nowadays, character assassination and demonetization are the punishments that the establishment chooses to deal with dissent


i never really thought about that but yeah, you are right.

Ha ha Ha HA HAAAAAA! That was the best post/article on the internet I saw today, and I read a lot.

Why would anyone want to get their head cut off just to prove a point? Every sensible husband knows at least that much. I guess it's a good thing that not everyone is or stays married. I'm right dammit but not happy about it!

Scientists who develop knowledge and then the results of their findings are contrary to the teachings of religion will certainly be considered as crazy opinions. The firmness of the church doctrine that made Galileo considered insane. They have planted the doctrine flat and the earth as the center of the circulation of the solar system while according to Galileo is the opposite, the earth is round and earth that surrounds the sun.
One thing that will certainly damage the teachings of the church. If this continues, the church will lose faith. so it's no wonder scientists who bring new schools will be punished. Although in subsequent developments there was a growing awareness that what they had done in the past with scientists was wrong.
Thank you @gooddream for the knowledge
warm regard from Indonesia

I also heard about Galileo not only heard but also read about them and their inventions in books. He was a great scientists.

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