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As most of us are trying to learn new skills, this is a step by step guide to becoming a self-taught Software Developer. Yes the IT field doesn't necessarily need a degree. You should be talented, motivated, and know exactly what to do. So what you see yourself doing? Do you want to open your own company, work for a startup, or become a freelancer? You need to decide before you start the learning process. What you are naturally good at and what you enjoy doing. There are different paths to take: mobile apps, data science, gaming, etc... If you are good with Math then Data Science can be right for you. If you are more visual, you might look into Web Development or Mobile Apps.

Do your own research about job security, salary, and different types of jobs. Figure out which language you should learn for what you want to do. There are many free online courses you can start as soon as you are ready. I will be listing some of them here:





You can find many helpful videos on Youtube, Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, etc...

Important websites are: W3schools, MDN Web Docs

Bootcamps: Codeacademy, Team Treehouse, Freecodecamp

Challenge Websites to prepare you for the job: Codewars

There are different ways to study online, but you need to find out what works for you. Be committed and motivated. Create your own projects and look at other people's code that is similar to what you want to achieve. Create a nice portfolio with work examples. If you don't have a degree you need solid proof and examples. So having a good portfolio is the best way to do that.

And Finally, you need to be visible online, because it is very important for self-taught Developers without Degrees. Create a professional Linkedin and Twitter account and be active on it. Have a professional resume and apply for jobs. Volunteer in some projects to gain more experience and Good Luck :)

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