This guy deserves some credits

4년 전

Y: "Hey! Hey... Hey!"
me: "Oh no... not again a hook up guy."

At this moment I put my earphones in and turn the music loud.

Y: "Hey... wait!! Girl... wait!"
As I hear him shouting for me I tell myself to NOT look no matter what. I feel shy because I've seen him and he's HOT. Not knowing what to do, I start to walk faster.

Suddenly a hand touches my shoulder, now I have no choice but to say something.

Y:"You dropped something..."

I started to realize that my ego was doing all of this while this mr. Niceguy just wanted to show me I dropped something...

So I said: "Oh no! Where? What?"
I looked around on the ground and saw nothing.

Y: "Your heart... WITH ME".

I have to say, in the age of Tindering and Bumbling, approachig me like this definitely deserves some bonus points! Credits to this guy from Amsterdam!

I gave him my phone number...

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Gouda called, it wants its cheesy pickup line back ;-p
He must be really hot if he got away with that lol.
But seriously, IRL is still the best way. Waiting to see how this turns out, *preparing popcorn


Hahahaha CORNY!!! But at least he had the courage... Lol


And now he also has your number!
I really hope he is the one, you deserve it ♡