Where Is The Future? Who Is To Be Blame



I was going through my facebook and found this story and I was worried. If todays kids are behaving like this then I ask myself what feature do we have ahead of us all?
A man was in a train looking for a seat to sit and a young boy was laying his head on his mother lap while his leg was on the seat. Instead of the kid to remove his leg for the elder one to sit He did not, the mother did not even say anything, after the elder one ask the boy to remove his legs he refuse to do it.
What kid of morale are we giving to our younger kids today, In my time as a kid we respect a lot even been stubborn to your parents or your family you dont disrespect people outside our home. Just click the link to read the full story.
The elder was angry and sat on the kid leg, no w I wanna know who is to be blame? Is this the kind of children we are raising today,

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