๐Ÿ“ท#ColorChallenge SundayPurple 'Still Going Strong' By @janusface

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I am feeling like my orchid right now. Older and wiser. It seems that the petals are somewhat faded, but it could be exaggerated by my not optimal camera. I am probably going to buy the mobile with the best camera soon..

The Year of the Rat has started with its predictable unpredictability. I guess it is to early to say how the nCoV19 scenario is going to play out.

The stock marked has pulled backed, probably because of the viral uncertainty. Nobody here seems very into stocks, but the tanker marked has reacted back and I lost a lot as I was geared as well, which is kind of a rookie mistake, as shipping is already very volatile and cyclical and and has extreme operational and financial leverage.

I am pretty sure the cryptos are in a bull marked now. My biggest mistake was of course bying not only BTC, but speculating and going down with the altcoin-ship. But, hey there are stills some rats left on the wreck, and BTS is up some Russian percentages recently.

I am a dog btw:
"People born in the dog year have a chance to meet someone special in the first few months of 2020.
In 2020, dogs aren't in any major disagreement with Tai Sui, signifying a stable year ahead.
After a hardworking 2019, you can finally relax and recharge in 2020.
It may be the year to earn a promotion or build a better reputation for your business if you're self-employed."

By @janusface

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I am pretty sure the cryptos are in a bull marked now.

Me too and that's what I was mentioning, again, in my latest post on crypto and my main investment, BAT. I'm curious how high will BTC rise this time and how are alts gonna keep the pace.

that's really beautiful for color challenge its fun to see some people still here steeming many left