Vanlife Update: Where are we now?

4년 전

take off golden gate
When the fake wind machine is turned up too high

Where are we now?

After 3 months on the road, where are we now? El Paso, Texas! Living a mobile life has taught us a lot. We didn’t plan to be here, and yet here we are. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle: the unknown.

apple gg
There we go...just right. Golden Gate Bridge

somewhere on the one
Vannah and Jared. Somewhere off the 1 in California

We drove from Austin, Texas all the way to Vancouver, BC, Canada, where we expected to get jobs for three months or so and wait out the winter. As the world would have it, that didn’t work. We made it all the way there, but our dream of working there through the winter wasn’t in the cards. So we hit the road to warmer weather and hauled arse all the way back to Anissa’s hometown of El Paso.

Fort Bragg, California

What’s our plan? Vanlife plans are cheap. They are highly unreliable and rarely come through. But! they are fun to make nonetheless. We got here a few days before Christmas, enjoyed the holidays with our families, and then picked up a couple of jobs. We plan to work here through the beginning of spring to save money, make some improvements to Vannah, and then get back out on the road.

Fort Bragg, California

We have been lazy bloggers! We have so much unshared content we are going to try and get out over the next three months. Please tune in! And, as always, all questions are welcome. We hope to be a resource.

Some upcoming blog pieces we would like to do for those interested in vanlife:

  • how to choose a van and how we chose ours
  • how we made money along the way as freelancers without much experience
  • what we have learned after 3 months on the road

Not to mention lots of beautiful and fun pictures and videos :)

Past Vanlife Posts

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I was wondering what happened to you two. Welcome back to blogging and looking forward to more!

I see you follow @benjamin.still - any thoughts on a central american roadtrip once you have some $$?


We started moving quicker and staying in places for shorter periods of time to try and beat the fast-approaching, dead-of-winter to Vancouver. This made it harder to take time out to blog so we got lazy! Now that we are stationary for a bit, we are excited to get a lot more content out there.

We are very interested in Central America! There is still so much to explore in the US, Canada, and Mexico for us though. It's likely that we are still a ways off from making it that far south. We will probably be spending time in Baja California this year. That will probably be our southmost destination (but who knows? Things change quickly in a van).

very cool post...very cool Life :) upvoted and Following :)

It's very interesting post!!
Great job dear @jaredandanissa :)

I hope to one day do the same thing :) good to see others paving the way :)


Thank you! We are trying to keep it interesting for everyone, while also being a resource for those truly interested in the lifestyle.

Love the trailblazing attitude. Upvoted and followed.

Cool shot upvote and follow you.
Follow me please. I like photography.

Hey, I wonder where you guys are at now? My boyfriend and I just bought a van and we are just about to convert it - we are in Scotland and planning on traveling around Europe with it. So exciting!