I Couldn't Get My Old Save Files to Run

2년 전

Hello all.

Welcome to "In Which KathTea is starting over on Dragon Age Inquisition so They/She/He Chooses to Start from the very beginning".

I tried to make Catina Cadash look more like me, rather than what I thought I looked like in the version that won't launch without a "new patch" (THANKS ORIGIN).

Please don't mind the grey makeup, the lighting in the CC is quite deceiving.

I gave her peach fuzz on the upper lip because I seem to have that now.

I like playing archers but I tried archery on a date with the ex-gf and I am not that good at it.

Oh no, persistent gore is still on! Sorry Cass! That's a lot of demon blood.

She has a pretty decent profile, not to toot my own horn...

On our next installment, I'll probably be fixing her makeup in the Black Emporium and see what shenanigans I decide to put her through.

Have you been playing any games recently? Do you find it helps you as much as it helps me relax? Ever effed up a character creation? Comment below!

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About the "patch" thing, if you used to have mods installed and don't have them now, installing them will make the old saves usable again. I had the very same issue a little while back.

You are way better at character design than I am. When I play Inquisition (and I have logged over 1,000 hours of it, with many different characters), I don't change facial features at all. Skin tone and make up, but that's all.

I'm back to playing Gwent, the standalone version of the best part of Witcher 3.