Is this what a Karen sounds like?

8개월 전

Customer looks at Best Buy tags, heads over to it, asks me the usual questions like "is this for a boy or girl" and stuff so whatever.

Then came the big event, a debate that should have never happened.

She asks "What's the original price?"

I say "It's $99."

She asks again, "So what's the offer price?"

"It's the price listed, this item is retailed at its best price." I say.

She's silenced for a moment and then she goes "No, I asked you for the ORIGINAL PRICE."

I try to explain to her that there is no "offer price" as it's a Best Buy item.

In case anyone was wondering here's the top definition of "Best Buy" according to Oxford:-

"noun: best buy; plural noun: best buys an item or product which gives the best value for money out of all its competitors."

So in this situation, this item is a simpler design and is in general made to be cheaper than similar items that may have with frills, at least where I am. I did use as comparison, point out similar products ranged from $109-$129 but nope, not the answer she wanted.

I could see the fire burning in her eyes as I try to explain why there is no further "original/offer price" and she went back and forth telling me that I "don't seem to understand" what she's asking.

In the end she marches out of the store and then turns back quickly to say "Give me your company card, I'm going to tell your boss that you were extremely rude to me."

Okay take my word for it, I never raised my voice, I had a smile on the entire time, so she's literally pulling that complaint out of her tiny booty because she wants me to agree with what Best Buy meant in her mind instead of giving her the actual answer.

No one else argues with this. No one. But this person was quite a unique case. Was it confirmation bias? Pride? Who knows.

Anyway, we literally don't print cards anymore so I took some scrap paper and wrote my boss' number.

She takes the piece and say, "I WANTED AN EMAIL ADDRESS".

My only respond to that is that I don't know the company's email address but she's welcomed to look us up on Google.

She scoffs then turns to walk out, finally, I fake a smile and yell out "Thank you, have a nice day!"

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