Ranting On Twitter: July 18th to July 25th


Truth, when a boy does something wrong "boys will be boys", when a girl does something wrong "you need to be a good lady".

boys aren't easier children than girls, y'all quite literally just neglect your sons emotionally and call that easier parenting because they are detached.

I just realized that the thing that bother [me] about the #CatsTrailer is that most of [the] cast have no detail in the nose and mouth region except for the most transparent whiskers. The musical had more drag and costume to distract you from the naked naked looking bodies.


If a photographer is pushing past your personal limits, it's okay to say no. If they reach you via Purpleport or ModelMayhem, send screenshots to mods. I'm someone who gets naked on the internet but free nudes isn't a "fee" I'd ever accept. A professional doesn't need free nudes.

“I hate hearing about things like this. I am sorry that this was anybody's experience and know that it doesn't have to be.”

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