This sucks.

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CW cancer diagnosis

So recently my sibling told me they might have lymphoma. They were over for Chinese New Year and was quite sick throughout, apparently it was supposed to be on the mend by then.

They finally got a doctor to follow up and their lymph nodes were unusually swollen.

A blood test shows that a lymphoma or leukemia diagnosis is likely and they've now been referred to a specialist.

I want to be a good deathling and treat this as Day 1 since a diagnosis means prompt treatment. My mum isn't taking this well because only a few years ago her sister died of breast cancer and her father-in-law passed away at 103.

We both cried because it's difficult to think someone who is at the peak of their health and career can just get hit by something like this.

My father and brother didn't react to the news much if at all. My sibling's boss went into a transphobic rant saying that their hormones messed with their health and that "you don't have to be a man for your girlfriend to love you".

I think even with extended family passing, it's just harder when your best friend and immediate family member is faced with a diagnosis.

I don't really know what I am asking for in this post, I guess I want a place to rant where people wouldn't start prescribing holistic cures and prayers. My sibling is an atheist and I'm agnostic.

So yeah, I'm mostly angry at the universe.

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hey @kathtea .. really sorry to hear that. my prayers to you and the family for staying strong and getting well !

Best wishes and stay strong....

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Hello @kathtea ,

We are sorry to hear this is happening; but take it from someone who thought he was invincible and only after 70s there came ulcer and now with prostate cancer.

Most important is that if things are at early stage, it can be battled. I personally am going through Stage 1 (mid term) cancer that requires surgical removal and tomorrow I will go for my MRI for confirmation.

My daughter has friends (and parents) who went through lymphoma even until stage 3 and survived in remission.

Take it from an old man's observation; as long as you keep your chin up it isn't the end of the road just yet.

Life is a journey you will have a lot of bumps along the way. Sometimes you get cool shading from trees and sometimes you are under blazing hot sun. But it is more important how your attitude is; looking at all the holes, bumps, bad weather and complain how bad the journey is, or look around if you can find something to appreciate along the way. At least, you still have a family to cry together. It can be tough but it can be still doable.

I personally know I am on my bus on my sunset journey and counting my days. Rene, my wife and I thought we would have died in both 2006 (for her) and 2018 (for me) due to health problems. But we are still standing.

Which means our journey on earth is not yet.

I was one who believe my life is my own, where I chart my destiny; but I am grateful now that despite who I was before I have Someone that still takes care of me and calls me back to the right track when things went terribly wrong.

I hope you and your sibling will find that revelation through this seemly dark tunnel.

Best wishes,


Thank you for sharing this. I really needed it. :(