This Week's (Kath)Tea - As of June 5th

2년 전

What’s the tea ya’ll!

I got this sticker from Tanya of I Need Diverse Games when a troll said this and she made merch of the phrase.

Since I am having severe acne, it was essential that I got some new primer and setting powder.

We celebrated my mum’s belated birthday and Mother’s Day, I had some fish. It was a bit small.

My dad bought some soybeans so I made some soymilk, it’s a bit of a task to peel, pick the skin and boil the milk, but the fruits of my labour is quite worth it.

My favourite thing from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a chia seed bagel with salmon. Yum yum!

Misty picked up fleas from some stray cats and now I have to get her some treatment in the vet.

Due to an upcoming cosplay event, I decided to repaint some slippers and sew my own tabi socks.

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