My Four Leaf Clover Family

3년 전

After 2 and a half days - I am finally in Washington , DC. The trip was long and sometimes painful but mostly it was pleasant. My Grandma and I spent 48+ hours in a car with each other and at some points got on each others nerves, but we also had a good time talking and connecting and I will forever remember and think fondly of that.

Basically the majority of the drive was boring - Texas, Arkansas,and Tennessee aren't the most exciting states. They had their moments where they were pretty and you enjoyed looking outside, but for the most part you just get greeted with more and more bugs the further you drive and humidity that makes you feel sticky inside and out. Gross. Thankfully though; we made in to Bristol yesterday and I got to reconnect with family and the town.

We got to Abingdon, Virginia late. We hit traffic due to Hurricane Florence, and that made our time almost double. So when we finally arrived it was around 10:30pm - 11:00pm. I know what you may be thinking - that's not that late. Well, yes it is when you have been sitting in a car for 16 hours. So we were almost happy crying when we got to the Martha Washington Hotel and Spa to see my brother at his job. It meant the end of driving for the night. I was really excited to see Kris; my brother who is getting married; because he's my Bubba and I will always love him and miss being around him 24/7. I mean we shared a room for a good part of our lives so we got really close and even when we got on each others nerves we still cared about the other.

Soon after arriving in Abingdon my Grandma and I parted ways so she could go rest and I could hangout with Kris and go see my cousin - Cody. I haven't seen him in 10 years and I was really happy that when we got together it was almost as if we hadn't spent any time apart. We just picked up where we left off and hungout and had a really great time. We got a tour of my brothers job and acted like little kids again. Which to me will never get old and will forever be the best feeling in the world. One thing that was shocking seeing him though was that he looks so much like his father, Adam. (Who I have spoken about briefly.) It's a good thing, but you also just wish Adam was around to get to see him grow into the smart and caring young man he is today.

The next morning; my Grandma, brother, and I went and had breakfast then my Grandmother and I trecked the last 5 - 6ish hours to Washington, DC. I was asleep most of the way so it seemed short to me. Then we arrived at my Moms house. Which I knew was my Moms house because she had a rock on her porch - my Mom loves rocks, as do I, so I know how to find her by them. When I walked in I had the sudden urge to cry. Not because I was sad, but because when I walked in it felt like home and that felt amazing. It was quirky and smelled like my Mom and it just felt really nice. Considering I haven't seen her in 2 years, I missed her. Yes I was nervous to see her, but I missed her dearly; as I always will; and I just wanted to hangout like we used to when everything was easy and good. You know that time? Then my Mom got home - we joked like always and I gave her a big hug and it was special. I had to hold my breath so I wouldn't cry like a baby.

Now my Grandma is asleep and my Mom is waiting for me to finish my Blog upstairs. We went and explored the World War 2 Memorial and the city for a little - so everyone is pretty pooped. Tomorrow, Friday, I plan on exploring Washington myself a little. Museums are free so I am going to go ape shit. Then this weekend I am going shopping with my Mom and Grandma and getting family time in. Which is must needed even if at moments it is nerve wracking. Family can be stressful, I know this, but sometimes you get some good ones, and they are to be truly cherished. Just like looking for a four leaf clover, you are truly lucky to have found it and to have it. Which I am. At least for the moment.

Ha. Ha. Ha?

Kat Rae

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