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After getting into the crypto world late last year my idea of I’m going to get rich has not come to pass. When you get sucked into think that lending platform are going to make money for you, you become sadly mistaking and a sucker. For the love of all that is Holy stay away from those. I've dropped some BTC in one and thankfully I stuck to the rule of "Don't spend what you can’t afford to lose".

I on the other had have tried to learn more of the technical side of the chain. Coding is very fascinating but I didn't go to school and learn about all of that. I wish I would of but life’s path brought me to working in the heat with my hands. But ever since they created this new thing called the Internet you can learn all kinds of things. Maybe when you’re not working for the man you can learn on your own free time or on your phone at I joined Steemit in Jan. of 2018 but did not understand the concept. The concept that I get from it now is a community that helps and thrives. It is subject to changes. Couple of weeks back I started reading and learning about Steemit. It sparked a interest on making good content. Making content that attracts people is a working progress. I believe the more you work at something the better you can become at it. Finding your Niche or passion is the quest of life and sharing your experience is the goal. Make the baby steps to get you on your feet and let’s find those passions of life. Invite other to join and let’s get the community growing. Talk to friends and family. Who knows it might make a impact on somebody’s life.

Best Wishes,

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