Getting Back into the Grind Post Hard Fork.

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This month has been a bit of a wild emotional roller coaster for some it seems, myself included. Between the Steem fork which has become HIVE, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns / layoffs and mass cancellations of various leagues not to mention businesses seems that the world is flipped on it's head.

The past 2 or 3 weeks have been sort of a wash out or a write off it seems, with everything going on in regards to the fork after the initial "rush" of the hardfork and the scrambling to get services flipped over to our new HIVE network motivation seems to have plummeted and what seems like a bit of depression set in. Moving forward going to have to feel out exactly what feels right in regards to the relationship with both STEEM and HIVE moving forward. Seems some cross posting will be required, and maybe should be experimented with to see what reaction takes place. Information being fed to both chains is still a must it seems, even though I do not stand behind what Steem is turning into... it is what it is.

Already agreed to support for the next year at least, mostly because the domain had just been renewed a few weeks before the fork and didn't want to waste the money used renewing the domain.. And that after like 3 years of developing the service on Steem it didn't feel completely right to just turn the site off out of spite or whatever and not allowing Steem users the experience of the Roller gaming and investing platform.. Seems a number of folks in our community are utilizing both Steem and HIVE.

The Hive sister site to SR was up roughly 18 hours after the fork and can be found at:

Pushing Development Forward


The version 0.7.5 of the Roller software is basically 2 months behind schedule at this point and with this bout of depression and lack of motivation the past bit it has been difficult to focus on getting things implemented, tested and patched. On the development side of things lots of the new versions features and functionality have been implemented the mobile version is still sorely lacking with a number of new bugs popping up being exposed by functionality testing leading up to the release. A lot of stuff on the server side of things is being changed up in v0.7.5 which has brought with it some complications but slowly and surely will get things worked out and properly implemented. Given that the Roller service now has 2 different flavours of the graphene blockchain on it, makes things slightly more complicated as well.

The features like bet lookups, stop loss controls for VIPs on the auto roll, enhanced chat features, mobile display and improved user experience is stuff to look forward to. The Roller platform will continue to evolve while supporting both Steem and HIVE blockchains, perhaps even other crypto/tokens in the future.

Support Your Local BlockChain Developer

Trying to regain focus on things is the goal moving forward from this post. The "fog of war" so to speak seems to be lifting and with it comes recollection of senses and continued planning forwards. Primarily going to be posting with on the HIVE account rather than Steem but from time to time may mirror posts on both, depending on the content. Kudos to all the developers out there that have quickly switched their chain support or scrambled to move forward with both, both are respectable.


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Whoa! You're still alive?!?! j/k - Good to see you're doing alright up there. Stay COVID-19 free @klye!

  ·  작년

Some how still alive, yep.

It's not as bad up here in Central Canada than it is down south. You stay safe and away from the plague bearers.