Mad Cartoon Chronicles of 7 African Photojournalists

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"Garageman Bullshitting Prices"

I have been out and about on various freelance bush photography assignments the last two weeks PLUS, my Jeep Wrangler’s 4.0 litre mill started to misfire and me trying to solve the hiccup via Google search to no avail… hence my low uploading movements on Steemit…:(
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Which brings me to today's toon. Burt had this ubiquitous Opel Kadett which made a weird sound. Local rip-off mechanic told him it could be a conrod cap bolt being loose(!!). Geesh! That IS hectic if true, but can only find out once engine is out and stripped which equals moolah galore! So Burt just kept driving for another three years and finally sold the car, with the same weird sound!

I recall my vision of that mechanic chat and here it is via my trusty Sharpie. Enjoy!
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Cheers for now! @KrisQ
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