Mad Cartoon Chronicles of 7 African Photojournalists

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"Peni-Wacker Derma-Wand Shark Attack!"

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Local morning TV commercials run by Golden Gun had this wacky penis-looking electronic laser 'Derma-Wand' that you stroked over your skin to improve texture, etc. Hmmm?

  • My daily diary states: "Our team of seven discussing this Peni-Wacker-thingy this morning and it quickly became the target for a Tim and Burt scenario. Catalyst for this was the time we went down to the Mozambique coast for a team conference and Tim stepped on a sand shark which freaked him out total! We suggested Tim use the Derma-Wand to repel the shark..."
    @KRISQ TOON 051.png
    Last night I started the sand shark cartoon with the Derma-Wand, but it soon changed to an actual shark attack on Tim and Burt coming to the rescue. Derma-Wand morphed into Little-Willy gripper-tool! Enjoy!
    KRISQ post bling.png

Cheers for now! @KrisQ
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