Mad Cartoon Chronicles of 7 African Photojournalists

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@KRISQ POST #042.png

"FOR FUCKS' SAKE! What are you always jotting down Kris??!!"

KRISQ post bling.png
Tim always on my case whenever I write in my daily diary! 80% of the content (obviously) involves him and his arch-friendly-enemy, Burt. I would stop doing my entries of the daily going-ons and write at home, thereby side-stepping Tim’s inquisitiveness.

Once when the office was clear due to Tim being on his annual vacation, I would bring out secret stashed pages of my scribblings and hand it to Burt hours before Tim's return from leave, who used it to great advantage to irritate the shits outta Tim!

@KRISQ TOON 055.png If Tim just knew all those old writings would eventually haunt him a second time round via my Steemit entries! Sheit!

Cheers for now! @KrisQ

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