A 2020 U.S.A. Free-Write


The U.S.A. is not crumbling, however I'd say it is leaving crumbs behind. Some would say it was a stale, old cookie. Some would maybe say it just wasn't baked right. I'm too aggravated to agree to either depiction.

There are too many colliding issues and they are all being thrown at the white man at once as if we can flip a switch and fix it all overnight. How much of this is COVID "fatigue" as I've heard it called? Is it as simple as millenialism in some respects?

First of all, I'm not black so my opinion will be overlooked. I am a white guy. My parents make decent money now, but they did divorce when I was young and there were times when we lived in a trailer, duplexes, and apartments and there were other issues that I've whined about in past posts. It wasn't always smooth-sailing so, while I'm sure I've had some privilege along the way, to look at my life now and say it was easy wouldn't be fair.

For these reasons, I'm able to see multiple viewpoints. There is white privilege...to an extent. And I do think that the protests will pay dividends and that our country did need some changes, but to eliminate the past and history of the United States is not only lying to itself, but eliminating its identity.

There are so many different groups joining into this fight that some of them don't even know exactly what they are fighting. And I don't mean different groups of black people, just different groups such as vegans, hipsters, democrats, and based on reports, potentially even some of the right-wing.

I think people find something that makes them mad at an early age and they hang onto it and sometimes funnel it towards a cause that might have nothing to do with that hatred.

This whole thing has shown me that I'm definitely center-right, politically, as opposed to democratic. I don't know that I radically disagree with some of the values of democratic VOTERS, but democratic POLITICIANS are just evil people using the hopes of those voters to gain power. I'm not even so sure that the democrats didn't start COVID with this damn election coming up.

Trump is sometimes an asshole, but some of those democrats are straight serial killers. That I cannot stand for.

I think what happened to George Floyd should not have happened. I think what happened to Rayshard Brooks was in the realm of reasonability. You don't grab an officer's gun or taser, don't resist arrest, and certainly don't punch them or attempt to shoot them in the head with their own taser.

I'm so sick of this. If these people just admitted that they screwed up, you'd have so much more rational dialogue. How hard is it to say, "This person had a storied criminal history and should not have done this and probably was a threat to future infractions, BUT they should not have died like this". Instead, they immediately jump to dialogue that just sounds like they think that these people are perfect individuals who've done nothing at all.

We're losing law and order and approaching a society that favors things like size, strength, and color. That's a threat to all things.

We're being forced to bow down to radicals. We're losing an understanding of God. Really, that's what a lot of this comes back to. Some of those basics like don't abuse your children, an unfortunate commonality regarding black fathers and their children. In some cases, fathering too many children with multiple women and then leaving them. Glorification of sex, violence, and hard drugs in music. To some extent, I am generalizing, but these are very real issues.

It's not just up to the white man to make changes, but both races. Furthermore, it's not as much as white people as a whole that are the enemy, but specific branches of white people like some big businesses that shit on their employees all the time. I think some black people think that life is just always going to be like that instead of moving forward, finding a better job, and growing.

I also think it's bull that it's being sold that only white people can be racist. Black people make fun of us all the time. Whether it's about us using mayonnaise, listening to country music, or being named Sharon or Bob. It's things like that that prevent me from being fully on board with advocating for what's going on.

It feels less and less of sought equality and more of black people wanting to be the dominant race.

And as much as I hate to say it, I find it hard to say that there isn't a God. I think people get caught up in all the bad things that happen that we forget to consider that evil forces are the ones giving us all of these obstacles that we face that make us lose hope or faith in what's good.

We need to get back to basics and stop talking sexually in music. Keep it pg-13. Focus on finding love, not sex. And even then, we need to realize we don't NEED to be in a relationship. Use a condom. Try to be kind. Try to do the right thing when you can.

I just hope these people can find the strength to see some of these silver linings and order is restored. Otherwise, a civil war seems like a possibility and then people will finally realize that life is just hard to begin with.

I know I will get judged for writing all of this, but at this point you either submit to the mob or say what you feel.

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