A Baby DREAM (L)

4년 전

Hi Everyone,

Today I had a BABY DREAM. Yeah it’s exactly as it sound. I really wane have children in the future and the older I get the more the desire grows. It’s not like my boyfriend don’t want any. No he also want children, but where just a 1 year and 11 days together. 1 year sound so short, because it feels like we know each other for years XD. But the first step will be that where going to live together and have sometime for each other.

Also one reason why children are out of the question right now is because of my health. Right now the doctor thinks I’m not able to get pregnant, but doesn’t mean that I can’t get pregnant in the future. One of the reasons is that my folic acid is really to low. So that has to be stable first.

I had some Baby Dreams before, but this one really felt so real. When I have a baby dream it’s always a girl. Today it felt all so weird because I woke up with the feeling of having a Child.
The future is bright and I believe that I will hold such a sweet hand in my hands and that me and my man then will be granted with a lovely child. Who we can give love, happiness and a save warm environment.

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