Brainstorming Ideas

2년 전

I started writing ideas for meeting I will be having next Tuesday. These ideas involve a project that I will not disclose here but I want your opinion about the ideas. The project is part of Steem ecosystem and it has been around for a little more than a year, right now this project is not advancing, so this is why we are taking actions.

The following ideas are not on a specific order, they are written as they come to my mind. More work and a good organization will be needed to make these ideas true. Let's begin:

Create a specific Roadmap, that could include the following ideas and goals:

    • Becoming a Witness.
    • Launch a Token on Steem-Engine.
    • Contact more "influencers" and "influence" them to delegate or join the voting trail.
    • Credit options for our service. Set up an affordable and easy to pay plan.
    • Onboarding step by step system by the community for the community.
    • Educational and informative top quality posts.
    • Improve the activity of the community.
    • Create alliances with witnesses and steem project leaders.
    • Develop a Dapp.

    These are all the ideas I have for now... Are they too crazy? Now I will have to work hard and start working the one that is more reachable, I guess that the alliances and gathering of influencers are the more approachable. Read you guys next time, enjoy this music video:

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