CRYPTO MINING GAME | Win Crypto with a mobile game?

2년 전

I recently found a game where you (supposedly) can win crypto just by playing it. The game is called Crypto Idle Miner, it is still in an early phase of development but the game is fun. I have always liked idle games, they are addictive but in almost all of them, you lose time and even money. In this one, you have the promise of winning some money so I'm investing a little time. Not sure this is going to be worth it but I have to try it out.

Here is a video of the game:

The graphics are not that bad, the game is a little confusing at the beginning but after a few mintues, I got the hang of it. It is cool because we can even learn some things about mining crypto, the whole plot of the game is to build a big and succesful crypto mining operation

You can download it for Android or for Apple.

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