Love is my Religion!

2년 전

I know this sounds cliché, this is actually a Ziggy Marley song. Yes, he is one of the sons of Bob Marley and he inherited his awesome vibe. The song talks about how he believes that there is no other answer and no other true solution to the world's problem than love. Of course, we need food, electric, power, medications and a lot of things, but if all of these things we do it with love the result will be better.

In the song, he says that he says that he is not trying to convert anyone. Most religions have missionaries and people in charge of delivering a message. I a witness that even though this is good labor that can help a lot of people you are not going to convince anyone by signing very loud and out of tune, (I have a Chrisitan temple in front of my house). He says that you don't have to believe that love is the greatest religion, in the end, everyone chooses what they think is the best.

The main message I get from this song is that nobody is going to lose their soul and fighting over who is right is not worth it. Here is the song, enjoy!

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