Coronavirus + My observations from Slovakia



I feel like I need to share some thoughts on the COVID-19 illness spreading the world in a global pandemic. I would like to discuss some important information sources, how you can help even with little to no monetary resources, how I have been helping along with my family and point you to some great simulations about the pandemic.
So, let's get on with it!

Info about COVID

Helpful links follow where qualified people explain the precautions you should take and other things you should know, as well as a detailed map of how the pandemic has spread globally (JHU) + some simulations (WP).

What you can do to help

I personally recommend downloading the FAH (Folding at Home) client from the official website. This client installs on your PC and together with all the other PCs on the network, it forms one of the world's biggest supercomputers. Your PC then gets sent tasks it needs to calculate and send back. FAH simulates protein folding which helps us understand interactions proteins in our body undergo.

It is incredibly complex but the team at FAH can use this data to find potential cures for COVID-19. So far, I have heard of 3 potential matches, which were a result of millions of hours of PC processing time on the network. We need to increase the folding output of these machines to massively increase the chances FAH will help us fight COVID.

For just a few pennies a day, I think many of us can afford this price for the global cause of finding a cure.


How I have contributed

I have mentioned FAH higher in the blog post, I can confirm that my GTX1070 and Ryzen 3600 have been crunching data for this project any time my PC is idle (I keep it running overnight due to farming Storj coins).
Furthermore, I help 3D print face shields for my local hospital going with the Shields Up Prusa movement. My family has collectively donated around 75€ total to charities providing medication and other important resources to people around the world and I am glad to take on any other project that I can reasonably do in order to help out more.


What are your thoughts and experiences? As we in Slovakia are at home for Easter (government regulation) we are forced to be productive at home. We currently have ~700 cases but we are taking stuff really seriously, in my family, my dad is the only one that travels outside of our home, because my Grandma needs special care as she is unable to take care of herself 100% autonomously. Other family members have not been outside as he does all the shopping and required stuff away from home.

Share anything interesting in the comments, Iwill be responding to ALL OF THEM!

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