Between The Lines

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Between The Lines

This process is a long road, and as a matter of fact, a rather bumpy one.

We are constantly bombarded with tons of information on a daily basis.

Coming from various directions, usually serving the interests of the few.

We would need much more time in order to be able to digest it.

But there is a thin line between getting informed and being misguided.

And there is only so much time to get all things done and make ends meet.

Which underlines the need for filter circuits in your system.

Filters that will enable you to remain sane without turning into a fool first.

It takes personal responsibility though; nobody is going to do it for you.

Living in different versions of the same reality; it's a matter of perception.


Coming up in the information age, we all need to develop such filters.

Adaptability is a skill, and it certainly helps us carry on.

But sometimes the message contains more information than intended.

And tells a very significant story about the sender and their intentions.

This is inevitable, and for the vast majority it's not even conceivable.

But the meticulous observer is a different story; it serves as evidence.

It gives them power and allows them to predict what's next.

When in reality it has nothing to do with any sort of psychic ability.

All it takes is a curious mind and a heart that won't compromise.

And, of course, the appropriate filter. Developed as a defense mechanism.


Repetition can be a problem, because what is repeated becomes the truth.

Enough voices sharing the same lie can reshape reality accordingly.

Even if you refuse to obey, you will have to live with the changes brought.

There is nothing you can do to make sure your own life won't be affected.

Or at least for as long as your survival depends on our society.

And this is another important reason why the filter is necessary.

It is our duty to protect the right to information, undoubtedly.

But we also have the duty to always do our own research.

Always make sure to check your sources, and also to keep them in check.

Let them know we will be watching their every move, ready to strike.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Content by @lordneroo.
Free Images Taken From Pixabay.
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