An Informationwar database?...A call to arms...

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As a active supporter and content producer as part of the @informationwar group, I have some proposals to not only keep fighting the information war (i.e truth as 'we' see), but also mobilizing the intelligence we have, to use it and to go on the offensive against people who are fighting against the truth?

I see great value in the information given out on innumerable posts, but I also see value in challenging at every opportunity.
Which means leaving posting, and entering the comments of our 'enemies'...
And this is something (in my opinion), that we don't see enough of.

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Why is this?
Fear of reprisals ? War, by definition, means conflict.
Fear of offending? War tends to offend someone, at some point. Deal with it.
Fear of the fight itself? I find this hard to believe, when the ideas and philosophies are sound. There is nothing to be scared of.

The reason I bring this up, is the lack of conflict I see on others posts, from fellow informationwarriors.
This is not a criticism - in the slightest - but meant to be more of a 'cold bucket of water'....(which always a good a idea when life gets too comfortable.

Is the @informationwar in danger of becoming an echo chamber? Rather than a base of operations?

Are we are out there enough, confronting lies and illogical perspectives?

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...for example @caitlinjohnstone.
A great writer, and she say's so many intelligent things. She has well thought out arguments and offers loads of fantastic perspectives.
She is also wrong (in my opinion) in many things, and has a very 'socialist' perspective.(in my opinion).

She has a large following and is well known, far outside of steemit.
Is this not the kind of account for 'us' to offer support to her, for her great points - but also criticisms to challenge her 'bad' points?
Is this not a good strategic move ? To challenge good narratives, while at the same time, targeting the very people we want to show 'our truths' to?

And getting aggressive on idiots is no bad thing. It undermines their reality, and possibly changes their followers own perspectives.
If the war is about changing opinion, we have to be out there, and attack not only the 'big fish' (caitlin), but also the millions of tiny plankton - for they are the foundation of supporters that needs to chipped away at, at every opportunity..

( I will be opening this salvo on one idiot, shortly. It will be a 'mockery killing').

Echo chambers don't win wars. Conflicts do.

So, my point being, would it be a good idea for 'us' to have steemit list of people, where the information warriors - who are in the mood for a fight- can go to. An easy 'click on' list of our adversaries, to enter into some affray or other?
Having this list makes it an efficient use of time - and allows for fellow warriors to have easy access to find other fellow warriors, already in a battle, to add support to..

I presume it's possible...? (I'm more of an information warrior, than a techy warrior! lol)

Just a thought....

Good idea?
Shit idea?

What's do you think?
Comments, please !

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I've been known to get into arguments a time or two.


You? impossible...


Mr Subtle, duking it out with a liberal? Say it isn't so! ROFLOL!


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Very Great Thanks For sharing A Politics News.

I think the @informationwar does curate opinions on both sides (though it may be a bit skewed). Either way as it grows it is bound to be more accommodating. Best way to win an argument is to prove your superiority

If you won't defend your own position, why should your opponent espouse it?

I wouldn't...would you?