Does anybody want some GBYTE, for steem or litecoin?


snap (5).jpg

Does anyone remember the airdrop by byteball last year?

Well, I'd totally forgotten about it, and then I remembered (obviously)....I've $30/40 worth of them just sat here, doing nothing.
They are now available to use. (the 12 month lock in, thingy, has expired).

Anybody want to exchange them?

I'm having trouble finding a exchange where I can sign up and change them into something else.
(And I have looking for at least 20 minutes!!!)

Any suggestions on that front, would be greatly appreciated.


..... you could just buy them off me with some steem or litecoin...!!!!

I hate money sitting there, whistling it's crypto tunes, and not doing any work.

....naughty GBYTE, lazy GBYTE....


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I sold them on bittrex and got myself some juicy BAT :)


ok cheers - ...I looked at that one - I think- and didn't see it offered....mmmm...

LoL, i forgot about mine too!

If I remember right edicted just did an article a week or so ago...I think he traded his for steem. Might want to go look over his post and see if I got that right.