If we have #newsteem, do we also need to Steem clean our closets?

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Most people know of the term 'cleaning out my closet'.

For those that don't....

'.....put an end to the old way of living and start a new life void of all the secrets and lies from the old life and filled with mental strength...'

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In the spirit of #newsteem, I asked my self this very question:

Is this 'cleaning out the closet' needed in the Steem ecosystem?

From my perspective, the success of the platform starts with 'calling a spade a spade'.
There has- in my opinion- been far too much time spent on the 'big picture' rather than the nuts and bolts.
(I'm not referring to developers etc , they are the nuts and bolts).
I thinking in terms of posting.

Such as the happy clappers constantly trying to sell steem.... to steem users!
The shills.
Are they paid?
I don't know, but some of the 'cultish style adoration' of this place is nauseating.
It reeks of paid shilling.
Or possibly lobotomized individuals who are allowed access to the internet. I won't be mentioning individuals in this regard, as they are not the point of this post.

This is directed towards the big stake holders. For those wanting Steem to succeed.

To those looking from the outside, the incessant shilling just makes Steem sound....er.....like a cult.
People can see numbers and stats - and when the facts don't correlate with the shills....?

Minimizing support to those who's posts are based on daily wishful daydreaming and talking about some trip to the moon sometime does no one any favors.
Most of all, the steem ecosystem.

There is nothing wrong with daydreaming of better things to come - but people with their 'feet on ground' see the constant sycophancy as empty, weak and boring.

It's very easy , lazy, to speculate and dream about numbers....

'just imagine when steem is at all time highs, or even greater....'

....And then you can just throw in a few numbers to support a daydream (to make it sound more 'authentic' and knowledge based), and hey presto!
You have a Utopian future.

There's only one problem with that.
It's not real.
It's fantasizing, nothing more.
Just getting steem off the ground (never mind the moon), would be a good start, don't ya think?

As Rudyard Kipling said,
" If you can dream—and not make dreams your master....'
' ...you'll be a man my son.'

Which brings me back to 'cleaning out some closets....'

A relevant segue...

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The Sad Truth About Why People Use Business Jargon


The sad truth is that when most people hear someone using abstract language, they're more likely to respect that person.
That's according to research published this month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which found the more vague words you use, the more powerful you'll seem.

It doesn't make you intelligent using this language, it just gives the appearance of it (to the easily led, that is).
Knowledge is power, but jargon is a psy-op. It's the illusion of power.

Lead author Cheryl Wakslak explained this phenomenon: "People see the abstract communicator as a more 'big picture' kind of person," which makes them appear more powerful." So while you think it looks smart to drill down on specifics in meetings, chances are you're only putting your colleagues to sleep.

It's no coincidence that doublespeak, postmodernism, and 'the attaining of power through intentional mental confusion', has now become known as 'business jargon.
The degree holder is the product of a Marxist philosophy in the institutions called schools and universities - So what can you expect?
Shit thought process in, shit thought process, out.
The 'big picture' if empty under examination, is counterproductive.
Create confusion, avoid detail. 'Appear' intelligent. Deflect from peaky facts.

"Our findings suggest that if you want to seem powerful to onlookers, it is important to demonstrate abstraction, to use abstract language to communicate the gist of the situation, rather than concrete language that spells out the specific details," Wakslak added.

Note: if you want to SEEM powerful to onlookers it is important to demonstrate abstraction, .

To onlookers with critical thinking skills and logical thought processes, it just doesn't wash.

These 'real thinkers', the heavyweights, are the very people that we need to on board to Steem!
Solid foundations.

I may be incorrect, and the opposite is true - that Steem wants more lefty, postmodernist thinkers.

That's fine if you want to live in the last century, but not in the 21st.
Business jargon belongs in the 20th century. It's a pep talk for the weak minded to latch onto.
The problem with 'big ideas', (without being held to scrutiny), is that they can be made up of absolutely nothing but enthusiasm..
Talks of the moon, anyone..?

It's no coincidence that doublespeak, postmodernism, and the attaining of power through intentional mental confusion, has now become 'business jargon'.

It's the marxist's 'long march'.
In my last post, one of my perspectives that I mentioned was The longer the time frame that anyone operates in, the more corrupt they'll become
...MMmmmm. The marxist agenda has a very 'playing it long' agenda...ergo, how corrupt does it become to attain it's goals?
That's pretty self evident, I think.

chair2 - Copy (2).jpg

Growing a business is about getting your hands dirty, day in day out, and dispensing with the big picture time frame.

It seems to me that there are plenty of people here that love making dreams their master, and hate getting their hands dirty.

'Cleaning out Steems closets' could be a start.

How do we do this?

This is a DPOS system.

The people with the largest stakes need to start supporting those with the their feet firmly on the ground, and not supporting the steem day dreamers.

If you're a steem dreamer with a stake, you need to ask yourself...

'Does supporting the steem dreamers posts, help, or hinder, steem?'

Not to be confused with....

Creative posts are brilliant, and need more encouragement, in my opinion.
....Fiction, humor, videos, photography, poetry, travel diaries, even food blogs...
Creative posts that are not based on steem 'going to the moon', essentially_.

These are the dreamers that are worth supporting and upvoting on.

.....NB, if you're the dreamer with a stake and a postmodern mindset, (a 'business jargon is great', kind of mindset) then you have much bigger problems than worrying about Steem, and it's price - Much bigger.
I'm not tying to convince those with that mindset. Anything that I say here will be drowned out with your own circular, logical fallacies.

chair2 - Copy (2).jpg

The shift of support to content producers with 'feet on the ground', the solid content makers can be made if enough stake holders want to make the change.

Look at @abigail-dantes, as an example of this kind of quality content.
Look at @krnel
Look at @galenkp
Look at @informationwar.

......and lots of others.

Solid posts.
We need more of this.

' we're going to the moon and did you know that if your 1 steem at 15 cents was worth $200, how rich you'd be?'... it's sycophantic in nature, and could be seen as a poor attempt at manipulation of reality.
(see business jargon above)
....or just plain immature, depending on the writers intent.

Quality is subjective of course.
And everyone is free to express their truth.

...But when the sycophants, and sophists are shown to be actively supported by big stake holders, via upvoting, circle jerking, the question poses itself (to thinking person)... why.

It then becomes a reflection of the upvoters themselves, and their world view. Their intelligence, and their wishes for steem.

What message does it send to the casual observer? The intelligent thinker looking at steem from the outside?

The wrong fucking message, that's what.

When the business jargon world salad enthusiasts are actively encouraged and paid (through upvoting), to continue with poor strategy, then it's not good for the steem ecosystem.

Then it's up to the those with stake to make their voices heard.
Taking responsibility.


What does this kind of support tell the rest of the world about the mental health of the Steem ecosystem?


Stakeholders need to start supporting non steem related topics, and not support the 'business jargon' or 'word salad enthusiast' who are busy with agenda's not aligned to steems growth.

Shirking this responsibility offers nothing positive for the value of Steem.

It does hint of a snake oil salesman trying to ply their trade , and being supported by 'the establishment' at the same time.
(i.e, DPOS , stake holders)...

What message does that send out to the rest of the world?


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I think that more people need to see #newsteem as Show and Tell. Steem block chain can be a lot of things. If we look at social media from a user point of view, not an advertisers, or a business owners point of view, but a users point of view. They use social media as a Show and Tell platform. They want to show people what hey had for lunch, what they did over the weekend, how proud they are of their kids, or this or that. Old Steem viewed this type of post as shit post, I never understood that, because when I joined steemit experiment it was billed as a Social Media experiment.

Crypto Analysis post are BORING. A description of how this photo came about can be pretty exciting, depending on how it is presented. A picture and two lines, Boring, a picture and a good story of the climb to the peak of the mountain, how they almost fell off the trail in one part, how they were running late and the light was changing and they needed to hurry, could be a nice view and read. Show and Tell, new steem, some dreams but mostly show and tell.


I agree - and the big support of shills (the only metric is upvoting) by big steem stakeholders is not only counterproductive, it's 'not very clever.'
(i'm in a polite mood lol)

I approve of this message ! I’ve seen the “new” shilling has of course latched onto how communities are going to save the day and bring millions of people here to upvote pictures of meat and beer. I love meat and beer but I can’t see how this slice of life content has any real value ? Trending still sucks, 90% of posts have no soul, no creativity and generally nothing worth more than a few pennies. I’m tired of the dreamers and their incessant ramblings about the day when their steem ship sails in and we all win. I’m essentially just using the space to motivate me to keep my creative juices flowing and I could not care less about discussing steem related topics.. This place is boring as it stands now, we don’t need any posts from large stake holders regaling us all with their pipe dreams.STFU already


I’ve seen the “new” shilling has of course latched onto how communities

I might have a video day, with my own particular perspective on this.

Ill drop you the link.
(only suitable viewing for those who are secure, and with a sense of humor lol)

Would Steem do better if they didn't have a new posts feed? I like it but it can be overwhelming for non-nerds. Many social networks, like Facebook, only shows you feeds of your friends. You can search for hashtags, for keywords, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, but they don't have a feed that shows you every single thing that is coming out by all the billions of users each second. I would love it but many people are not used to seeing everything. On Steemit, you can see everything. So, some people may be uncomfortable with that. I like it but I can understand different perspectives on these things.