Hello everyone. A kind of introduction. And setting out stalls for things to come....

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This is my new profile that I will be using for one thing only.

One that's entirely dedicated to my own replies or observations, of other users posts.

My replies will be serious ones, funny ones, and yes, even mocking ones!
They will be blase, ridiculous, fun, but with all with one consistent thread running through all of them...
...They'll be pointing out idiocy, logical fallacy, stupidity, paradox's , inconsistencies....you get the idea.
Oh.... And some psychology.

(if you want to know more about the why's of my motivations behind doing this project, then read my bloody post!.... to understand my position much better).

It's not something that I would have chosen to do, but rather something I must to do.
Read the bloody post in the link! ( if you're thinking about questioning the authenticity of this).


This is why I'm dedicating this profile to just this kind of material, and nothing more.

I want my (other) profile to be a positive, happy place, full of silly stories!

I do not want my original profile to get messy, not with the humongous mess that's surely coming onto this one!

It will be for now, Taraz's posts that will be under my microscope.
Hence all references here on in, are to taraz specifically, - 'cos I have no else so suited to my task.
He certainly does have a talent, it has to be said.

****If you know of any more 'word salad artists' out there - please send me a link.
I'll be more than willing to help attack them....'tis my lot in life...

As this project is brand new, I'll now be copying and pasting into my own folder all the posts that I reference.
The blockchain is immutable, but the editing function can still obfuscate the issue if an undesired point comes up and wishes to be 'unseen'....obfuscate: to throw into shadow : DARKEN

This is in no way a project with malicious purposes.

Let get that crystal clear, shall we? - because it could seem very much like the opposite of that.

There's nothing but good intent. Intent is the law.

Yeah, I know, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions', but here's the thing - when you've been there and got the map, you know how to avoid repeating the journey.
And when you haven't been?
You better be very fucking careful, with all your good intentions!

Remember one thing - Your stupidity in not my problem.
Playing the victim card, or white knighting, is not my problem either.

They ARE my muse, however....and trust me, they will be treated as such.

This is place for grown ups, and there ain't no safe spaces.


I would hope that @tarazkp would enter into the lively and fun and abusive intercourse with me.
I have my doubts about that happening.

(My first 'real' post is already 90% written, but I'm enjoying doing this one so much, it'll have to wait.
It will be titled 'Pre-emptive defensive positioning, and boomerangs'. A defensive strategy based in fear, but that's for later...)

There does seems to be a reluctance from him, to jump into the arena of discussion, and fight it out, (or defend his position once criticized).
I DO understand of course.
It's a free world.
The saying about 'knives and gunfights', comes to mind- but- staying in the medieval theme, lets say 'don't bring a twig to a sword fight, shall we?
And that's more than fair enough.

I would welcome his input into my posts though - to get rabid on my ass, so to speak. I don't mind.
He never does...

Maybe his lack of competitiveness is the reason, I don't know.
Which is funny really, because on a very recent post, he was saying things to the effect of 'bring on the competition, I welcome it'(or something in that vein).
( I hadn't started my 'project' then- so I didn't file it, to link it... Gimme a break! )
Try to reconcile the two positions.
......No, thought not, me either.
(I'll be using the word 'reconcile' a lot on here, methinks..)

One question that has repeatedly came forth into my little noggin', was 'the bullying' issue. ( think 'bringing a twig to a sword fight').

I had to wrestle with this question.
Well, 'mull it over', rather than wrestle it...I was being a bit dramatic there...
Sometimes that feeling that I'm 'bullying' does happen. I don't 'do' bullying.

So I really did have to go away and have a think about it before embarking on this vert long term project (or very short one, depending).

The conclusions that I came to were two pronged in nature....

Prong One:
I was indeed, intellectually, giving him a battering, and he was/ is out of his depth- but trying his best.

Prong Two:
His ego thinks that he's not out of his depth, and everything he says is valid, logical, and intelligent.
(my own ego wouldn't allow for the obvious 'prong three' option..lol).

(OHHhhhhoooo! This is becoming fun, now that I've actually started. It was approached with some trepidation, I must admit).

So, anyway, if both 'prongs' are possibilities, then how does that fit into my framework of 'bully' or 'not bully'?
Simple really, once I'd thought it through..

Prong One:
Well fuck off then, and don't play in the big boys arena. Everyone is here by choice. Steem isn't for everyone...(oh the fucking irony).

Prong Two:
Well fuck off then, and let's get it on! (not in sexual way, you understand, although I do have a whole post about that , coming up).

In the war of ideas, there can be no bully.

You fight it out or you don't, and you win or you lose.

And adopting the 'victim mentality', or 'victim stance', is just bullying by other methods. It's inverse bullying, if you will.
(no wonder it's so popular as a strategy, among the postmodernist. Everything is inversed, in their world.


So no, there is no bullying, not here. Not in the arena of intellectual discourse and psychological dissection.
I HAVE been able to reconcile my conflicted thoughts on the subject.
(fucking hell! I've only just mentioned how much I'll be using the word 'reconcile'.... and then, ten minutes later, it makes it's first appearance).

I never meant to go on for so bloody long in this introductory post....

But it is important, for me at least- to set my stall out, as it were.

This will be a place of clarity, and not ambiguity.

(My first post will/ might be later on).

I couldn't stop writing . Not once that I'd got stuck in the project - which is a very good portend of things to come...

So just for now, I'll just do a fun 'introduction in the style of a judgemetal @tarazkp' .

For the giggles, and for the hell of it!

Happy Sunday, everyone! (including you @tarazkp, matey! Only trying to help...)

This profile will not be risk averse.

lucy reloaded.JPG

It's funny isn't it?
How those who go on all the time, about other people being 'risk averse'?

It's as though, just by saying the words themselves, and by laying that accusation at others feet , that it somehow legitimizes your own self perception of not being risk averse.
Talk about projection!

It's quite the opposite, if you think about it. Hodlers of the world are the most risk averse.

A movement initiated from one position to another - to a different position- carries more inherent risk cost, as is it an unknown outcome. (I don't even know if that's true, btw - I just had this urge to insert some corporate doublespeak).
A pro-active action to create change, to make things happen is NOT risk averse, it's taking life head on.

Saying stationary in a position (just hodling), is the opposite of this.

It's hanging on for dear life, no matter what the environment throws at you, or what is says to you. You do not listen to what the world is trying to say, you just take ocmfort in your ego talking to you. I'm right, I'm right', feeds your insecurity, blinds you to the possibility of being- wrong.

You refuse to change your position.... letting your inner voice have more sway over you than the, objective reality.
You are slave to your emotions, your feelings, thus not allowing your brain to function properly.

When you change nothing for yourself, you let the world decide for you , and by extension - your future.

As I see it, that is a 'rabbit caught in the headlight' strategy, and the fear keeps you from jumping into the new paradigm.
'Better the devil you know', and all that.

The total and complete opposite mindset, of a risk taker.

(Just had to get that nugget of my chest, but moving on...and staying in character..)

I'm going to use all the available information and, going forwards in the project, will be drawing on several data points, and then merging the several layers, to funnel it down, so as to enhance the end user experience.

I find it very interesting that by utilizing many data points across so many different layers, I'll be able to leverage the information to it's full potential, and by doing so, be able to examine everything right down to the granular level.

This will, in turn, add value to the Steem ecosystem.

Over time, and looking long, the accumulation of such knowledge, will only add to the collective wisdom.

The process of growth is not an easy one, and as such, it must be cared for, and nurtured by the group.

By communities.

While this process will take time, it will eventually bear fruit.

I see the Steem ecosystem as a digital tree, with branches shooting off in all directions, but rooted firmly in the Steem blockchain.

It must be remembered that ANY tree that bears any worthwhile fruit, will alway starts off by having a massive amounts of shit poured all over it.

It comes down to wanting to see the Steem ecosystem grow.

Are you prepared to be covered in shit now , so that good fruit comes later?

Are you a tree? Do you have wood?

Are you a fruit in waiting?

Or are you just shit?

A Judgmental taraz, original

...bloody hell, I better leave it there.

I'll post more later, though!

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tldr, good luck with your new project!

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This could be a fun thing to watch, I hope the post you do get a few responses for me to read. Critiquing can be a difficult thing to hand out, and is almost always a hard thing to take.


....if I'm not enjoying myself, I'm not doing a good job!