The mind games of men, strategies, and eating some cherries.

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While it's frustrating not to crack on with individual posts (it is for me anyway), I'm taking the long position.
(I'm learning from tazza!),
As such, will try to be methodical. (it'll soon pass, don't worry!)

What this means is, that before dismantling any particular perspectives, outlining a meta narrative of already identified behaviors will (can) act as 'quick guide', for when, and if, certain behaviors repeat themselves.

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Fucking hell! !

....that was a word salad paragraph, wasn't it? lol. Sorry!

Lets try that again, shall we?.
How about...

I'll point out things which are repeating behaviors , that are employed as psychological trickery.

It saves time to point out applied psychological tricks first, so they can be easily identified.
It may also stop the same strategies from recurring, due to the very action of exposing them.

In military terms, my strategy is intended to 'deplete the resources of the enemy'.

wd salad destruction.gif

Tarazkp is no enemy of mine, although he may disagree!I'm using the military perspective to illustrate my point.

The Mind Games of men:


The 'preemptive, defensive position'.

(I just made it up).

Let me explain....
One of the most obvious ones employed and one that has been implemented many times over these months and years of verbal jousting.
Lets take @tarazkp 's one liner in a very recent post.
This as a perfect example of this defensive mindset.

..someone can trawl through these words here and cherry pick lines to attack,

During this last two years when I've 'been on the attack', in terms of being critical of his observations and perspectives, he has then, on numerous occasions added similar one liners into his posts.

I'll tell you, shall I?

By writing this type of content into a post, he's adopting a preemptive defensive position, being fully aware that an attack on his posts, somewhere, is heading his way. (that would be me!)

This has happened numerous times, over the years - but this is the only one that I've cataloged and talked about.

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Up until now, it was a strategy I was happy to observe, and not discuss.
Knowing about it (from my perspective), was enough.
This particular behavior has been on MY radar, for a long time.

I'll also make other, similar posts, as we go along, highlighting repeatable patterns as, and when, I see them- or think of them.
(p.s. I'm SOOoooo sorry about starting off with that word salad BS^^ up there^^....fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck).

Moving on...

By @taraz initiating this line of defense, ( he writes a post before I can ever respond to it, obviously ) it can then be pointed out how correct he was, in writing the line in the first place.

The dismantling of a post of any post- - can only ever happen after it's been written. doh!

What could be seen as 'wisdom' by the unknowing reader, is actually a psychological trick of appearing wise.

Knowing the difference changes 'being clever', to 'manipulating the reader to think I'm being clever'.

Hence, the term 'preemptive defensive position'.

(I like that term, but I can't think- for the life of me- how I can use it more in conversation...)

It's not too clever a strategy.
(it's very Alinsky-esue in it's underhanded style), BUT, it's not _overly _ clever, not if you think it through.

The funny machinations of men, and their ego's.

This best described as a clumsy psychological trick.

It makes fools out of the reader. And it shows a certain contempt for them, in assuming that they cannot see through the ploy.
(And being used so many times, it's also predictable and transparent).
Predictability in an opponent, is the death knell in any combat, no matter what the arena.

I'd like to say that this 'preemptive defensive position' it's an unconscious one, but, that being said, I credit tazza with a more intelligence than that.
Ergo, it could very well be a conscious decision to deploy this tactic.
If so, then it highlights a thought out plan of action, against (as what he see's) an aggressive action.

It's 'kind of' clever... but not overly so.
It's clumsy and shines out like a beacon, if you know what you're looking for.
When it's been highlighted- as I'm doing now, it also makes it a redundant weapon.

Using it consciously offers a much deeper insight into the machinations of writers thought processes.

In many ways, it's like volunteering yourself up, to open your own 'can of worms'.

Think about it....

If such a blunt tool has been used consciously , then it goes without saying that he would think that it would go unnoticed.
This smacks of an inflated ego that cannot imagine anyone cleverer than himself being able to recognize the tactic...

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Maybe it's a masochistic act on his part (and not one of contempt) which is a 'more than valid' hypothesis.
Either way, Tazza is exposing himself, metaphorically speaking.

Intentional or not, or unconscious or not, can only be found through dissection - of posts, not the anatomical procedure. (You could never find it out that way, I'm pretty sure).

This strategy, now exposed, boomerangs back on the writer.
It's now not only becomes an impotent weapon of defense, but it raises questions as to credibility.

No one likes to feel as though others are manipulating them, and this is a simple 'mind manipulation' tool.

If it is an unconscious act , then I've helped him in identifying a heretofore unknown pattern of behavior ...

(IF it's unconscious ).

And you're most welcome, matey. (A few big up votes will suffice as a 'thank you, @lucyreloeaded')
I'm trying to help.

If it's conscious (as I suspect, unhappily) , then all bets are off...

I won't elucidate any further on what his could potentially indicate.
Not now, anyway.

So yes! I will be cherry picking parts of his posts to examine, dissect, destruct, and eat them alive.. .

I'm not going through each word salad, copying it all down, and then disseminating every post, line by line?

If you consider, that I consider , 70% of the posts as nothing but word salad, then why would I do such a thing?
It makes no sense, and certainly not a sensible use of my time.

What does make sense, however, IS cherry picking the gaping holes in whatever philosophy, logical fallacies, and perspectives that he has in his posts, and then attempting to fill in the gaps.
...Or rip it to shreds...whatever.

I really am here to enlighten people as to how 'the politician' works. To stop 'cancerous ideas from spreading'.

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if the mode of expression is mostly unconscious, then I hope he'll learn a lot about himself.

I'll state here and now though - that I do NOT think that his styles of expression are unconscious. (I hope I'm wrong).

I'll wrap this post up here, as too many things in one post is not conducive to absorbing it all.

I'll try to make my posts from now on concerning this, more 'bite size'. More fun or too the point.
'Setting out the stall' seemed important to me though, somehow.

Bite size from now on. promise I'll try, anyway!

It's fucking hard work writing so much!

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