Traditions that never die


Hello dear friends, today I will talk a little about a very popular tradition that is practiced in my hometown. I am from Margarita an island belonging to the Nueva Esparta State in Venezuela. On this island many of the traditions that are part of the Venezuelan Folklore are kept.


One of those traditions is the burning of the cow, the castle and the ship. Do not be scared, these are figures made with cardboard or plastics with fireworks that are moored so that they explode and make everyone present run.


As you can see in the images are many fireworks that are placed to these figures, the boat is stuck to a large stick which is turned to shoot at the crowd, fun however risky is to run and dodge the fireworks that come out of the boat.


The main attraction is the cow, and it is the last to appear. It is armed in real size and is the one that has more fireworks, besides being the biggest, this attraction is not fixed, it is carried by a person who runs and chases the whole crowd as if it were a real animal. It is definitely the most dangerous and this makes it so popular.


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