A lighthouse in the south-pirojpur

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few understudies of the administration Suhrawardy College are strolling quick towards the northern structures from the roads of Mahigoni and Shirishagachha. The time is short for them. They will play table tennis amidst the two classes. Among them, SM Bayaz of Political Science and Salman Khan of Accounting, them two play phenomenal table tennis. Who plays better, it will be a Hastenest today!

At the grounds the understudies got acquainted with the Parliament House. Salman won the first round, Jay Baijid in the second round. In the third round, the diversion was no longer between the two, and it was the crash of political science as opposed to bookkeeping. The amusement is under strain.

A vast dighi before the principle working of the school. Planting trees along the shores of the dighi have kept shade with enormous maya. Sutton Halder of Accounting Department remained here and dumped the dighi, saying, 'Our school grounds is as quiet as this water. Everybody is here together. There are mosques in the school and also the sanctuary. We don't simply think about here, yet at each other's celebrations, remaining next to each other's needs. '

A few understudies were visiting on the south side of the school. The significance of the south breeze is developing, it is critical to arrive. Their visit is moving at the speed of the breeze. A school football competition that finished a couple of days back, which isn't yet completed, it was comprehended to get the ear in the visit. The competition's football group co-skipper of the division of the office Rabbi Islam wouldn't lament. They must be dropped from the elimination rounds for a couple of missteps. Rabbi stated, 'Every one of our games are consistent in our school and in addition normal instruction.' The champion trophy of Agagibara isn't willing to surrender, however after the end, he likewise included the certification.

Established in 1957 in Pirojpur Sadar, this school has advanced with time. Understudies' outcomes have been great step by step, and in addition library and research facility. The immense grounds of around 11 sections of land of land has the chance to graduate in 14 subjects other than the higher auxiliary level. Post-graduate has 8 subjects. Ramkum Dhali, a postgraduate understudy of political science here. He was found in the Shaheed Minar Chattar. With awesome consideration, he takes a gander at the cell phone. It stated, this piece of the grounds is under the Wi-Fi zone. So the other time separated from the class is staying here. It has been seen that numerous understudies have been staying here before coming back to the web needs.

Md was found before the division Shawkat Osman From this school he graduated in arithmetic. Presently is sitting tight for post graduation. Despite the fact that he didn't read writing, he didn't have the delight of observing Bengali celebration. Gotten some information about what celebration is going ahead in the school, he stated, Rabindra jayanti, Nazrul jayanti, the commemoration, the Pitta celebration, the celebration of spring, all the year, there is no occasion going on. Meet HM Naeem before Bangla Department He graduated in Bangla Literature. He stated, 'We have religion culture hones here routinely. Magazine is out of school. The understudies compose there with a considerable measure of intrigue. Truth be told, school is our spirit's school.

The understudy parliament building is amidst the school grounds. There I met VP SM Baijid. His announcement, 'The connection between understudy instructor in school is great. We get instructors for any need. Be that as it may, we have an issue, there is no bottle in the school. Understudies from far away have come to peruse here They need to keep running in the city regardless of whether they eat a bit.

The Government Suhrawardy College has a talented scout group. Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) and prepared understudies of Red Crescent. They helped the locale orga

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