Looking for other history in the Sundarban

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Isam Azam is the wellspring of distinguishing proof with Sundarbans tiger He works in a non-government association that gathers and jelly tigers in the backwoods. Referred to him as Riju. Months prior, I got a call from Riju. At the point when the young fellow said what he said in the words, he was stunned to hear it. In the Sundarbans, he found another puzzle other than the tiger.

What is the mystery? I requested points of interest. I heard the Azam. Disarray of conviction skepticism as a primary concern. Inside the Sundarbans, he discovered old archeological locales, remains of the building, different sorts of earthen pot, earthenware, chorisaha archeological destinations. He said that these structures were turning out in various parts of the Sundarbans because of the disintegration.

For a long time, he began discussing his disclosure with Riju. He likewise kept on sending data, investigation and photos of the archeological locales. Also, I used to go to the Internet to check them, some of the time go to the library and book a book. Read the page after the leaf. Among these books, specify of the historical backdrop of Jessore-Khulna of Satishchandra Mitra, and the Sundarbans' history of the historical backdrop of the Sunderbans of FM Abdul Jalil saying the presence of the Sundarbans. Rehash this data. A group of analysts from the two colleges of Germany and the United States said before that salt industry manufacturing plants were discovered 300 years back in the Sundarbans. In the time of King Pratapaditya of Jessore, there were numerous structures including the sanctuary, the sanctuary and the structure were worked in the Sundarban zone.

Occasionally, the establishments and the establishments are discovered, they were one to two thousand years back. Furthermore, the establishments he found are seen for a few years. Before that the structures were covered under the dirt of the Sundarbans. In a few zones, the woods has started to break as the periphery breaks. Retribution solicitations to be there.

Address the news administrator of the main light message office about the issue of Rizhu's proposition. Educator Sufi Mostafizur Rahman of Archeology Department of Jahangirnagar University educated the issue. We ask for him to go along with us looking for those spots of the Sundarbans. At Bikrampur, Atish Dipankar's origin is occupied with different exercises. However, on one go, we consented to go with us to the Sundarbans. Comilla University's Department of Archeology Department additionally added to the investigative group. Sohrabuddin, Satkhira journalist of the principal light, Kalyan Banerjee and Jessore picture taker Ehsan-ud-Daula.

23 January 018. Archeological and we went together for a Sunderbans. I discussed the issue with Forest Conservator of Forest Department Amir Hossain Chowdhury of Khulna district. When we go to the spots of the Sundarbans, he has broadened his recommendation and help with heading off to those spots.

The fourteenth day of 24th January The season of the tide Our group began a trip to the Sundarbans in a little speedboat. There are two woods watches in the group.

Drawn streams around us and thick woods on either side. We are on the secretive universe of such puzzles. Be that as it may, I was feeling excited to find something new inside. The hold up was rising when the old settlement of the southern drift found in Rihu By the time you know, the speedboat will take around one and a half circumstances to go to the greatest office. From seven to seven toward the beginning of the day, those structures glide over the water. Therefore, we need to reach there at any cost at around 7:30. By ascertaining the time, we expanded our legs.

The speedboat was moving with time over. Be that as it may, the sudden speedboat was ceased. Be that as it may, Riju stated, we have come to close to the Sundarbans thousand years of age port. Be that as it may, speedboat isn't advancing. The driver can not deal with it even in the wake of making a decent attempt. All of a sudden I saw that with our seven individuals, the speedboat was skimming in the tide and moving towards the ocean. Embedded within. What will happen now The impression of nervousness in everybody's eyes.

There is no cell phone arrange in this place. Inside a couple of hundred kilometers there is no individuals But there are a few creatures Like the crocodile and the tiger in the water! Riju stated, crocodile-sharks or more the Bengal Tiger streams over this waterway in the timberland. Feeling extremely vulnerable. There are no water crafts or ships close-by that will yell. This piece of the woodland is remote to the point that no boats, even in favor of the criminals don't come!

The dread of dread is to get everybody to wind up baffled. Set out each other, there is nothing to fear. In the remote ocean, that implies, despite the fact that we are in the Bay of Bengal, no one is us

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