Sexual harassment for women

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The entire world is currently vocal about inappropriate behavior of ladies. The '#Mitu' development has turned into the stage of the challenges. How has lewd behavior against ladies been gotten in our writing and collection of memoirs? # Mitu development is the foundation of the foundation - for sure? Recently the World Women's Day has passed. Remembering this background the present course of action.

Sexual manhandle or torment is going on in regular day to day existence of ladies; But we have come excessively in our specialty writing? What amount has been brought up in the writing?

Meanwhile, Draupadhan's expulsion of Draupadi will be a definitive case of lewd behavior of ladies until the end of time.

Ramchandra has made a repulsive fight for Sita, yet after the war, he turned into the character of Sita, confronting the inquiries. In spite of the fact that Sita isn't in charge of the entire episode, however the general public, even Ram, did not acknowledge him. The finger is on the lady's side. This propensity wins in the public eye still similarly.

How about we take a gander toward the start of present day Bengali writing. In the immense Rabindra-Sahitya, ladies' hardship, outrage, mortification, agony and disregard have sufficiently accompanied truthfulness. Before Rabindranath Tagore, no other individual had communicated such an alternate sentiment heart and his mind boggling brain research. Be that as it may, sexual mishandle? Notwithstanding observing such extreme sight and understanding eyes, did not see Rabindranath? Or on the other hand have you abstained from surrendering?

Every single other author have maintained a strategic distance from. In Bibhutibhushan, Bandyopadhyay's Durga had never been associated with inappropriate behavior, yet we didn't have any acquaintance with it. The gatherings of people of Sarat Chandra's courageous woman were sobbing, however the peruser did not know the melancholy history of their life. In any case, Manik Bandyopadhyay did not take a gander at this issue. 'Close relative can not state. A considerable measure of exertion gave a little impression. Whatever is left of the mother requested absolution. Realizing that the lightning struck the head. On the leader of the fierceness, the young lady lost her back and put a couple of bits. He stated, around then I had ceased all the evening to meander around, sticking around. So now? Try not to give me the decision of lime, you are the young lady! Sursidi cried excessively .... She didn't have any wrongdoing, similarly as Sobaldar could comprehend, she just flew into her hands and escaped her hands. However he must be beaten. '(' Kerry's significant other ', sythesis: 1940)

Also, how about we read on October 24, the individual experience of a lady in old Dhaka, propelled by the tide of '# Mitu' development: 'I sat tight for some time to enter the kitchen and beat me. I thought, mother realizes that everything changed? I needed to blend in the kitchen corner. In the wake of being not able stay, I said to my mom, mother, that man has given me here! Mother took a gander at me with the goal that her face halted me. He got terrified, don't talk like a trick. He is a virtuous man! Dear man! 'The experience of Manik's adolescents and the youngsters of Dhaka is hence joined in 75 years.

In the war of freedom and the writing of the Pakistani armed force, different sorts of sexual mishandle of ladies came up in an assortment of ways, But shouldn't something be said about the narrative of ladies continually being tormented by a great many men, relatives, companions, siblings' companions, neighbors, instructors, managers, associates, spouses, sweethearts? For what reason do as such untold things in men's writing, that these embarrassing episodes of regular day to day existence? In the mean time, in the well known and exceedingly adaptable books like Shahidullah Kaiser's countryman Syed Shamsul Haque playing the amusement or Prokashe Prakashan of Shawkat Ali, the issue of sexual viciousness against ladies has been transparently. Akhtaruzzaman Ilias additionally featured this inappropriate behavior in his composition. Seeing the companion's better half in the narrative of his celebration, Anwar Ali occupied with a talk with the villainy and stated: 'Yet the great young lady has seen many, joy is just for her today, Saleha is only an event.' (Other voice in another house, Prakashakal: 1976 )

The following stage was to begin expounding on the life of urban white collar class Humayun Ahmed, prominent fictionist Humayun Ahmed. His first novel Nandit Hark-e is rationally conflicting with Rabeya being sexually damaging. However in various stories and books Humayun brought the issue. Need is especially important in the novel. Along these lines, we didn't perceive how the spouse's companion faulted the shriek and the ensuing occurrence. There is no different popular novel in this creator. Here, in the forlorn place of depression, who is being deceived by inappropriate behavior, later on this oddity

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