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**It's been ten times Opening the entryway, **Sukti goes into her puffy house. He was overseeing the garden with his puffy suborna mali. Seeing the sibling's little girl, he came smilingly.

'Today isn't the college?'

'There is. You got around here to go to class. I need to remain here for quite a while. '

'Have you thought of a fight?'

'Not every one of them. You don't need to strain.


'No. I have eaten from home. I would prefer not to eat any longer. 'Sumeet went into inside the house. With him the daylight. Them two went to his room. Sueveda was tossed to the seat. He was stressed by observing his face.

Subarna said earnestly, 'what is the issue?'

'I like one, it isn't formally.'

'Well! So this is the issue. Who is the kid? '

'What is the purpose of knowing? You don't take the demand to my dad. In spite of the fact that I have come to take your assistance. In any capacity, you will organize a game plan.

'In the event that the kid is excessively careless, I will go.'

'Stay, don't hear you out.' Sultry turned back.

Subarna put his hand on Suuphriti and stated, 'We should hear the name.' There is no work to do. '

'Your relatives Emon Bhai. '

Subarna lifted the eye on her brow, 'How is it conceivable?'

'Possibly it can be. Why are you so astonished? '

'What is the connection between you?'

'There is no connection, Pofu. I adore him I don't know the amount he does to me. I figured you could organize it.

Suborna ended up stressed. Seeing his marriage for his brother by marriage girl. The wedding isn't care for a young lady in that marriage. That is only a great deal of muddled issue. Since, his sibling is many individuals who are solid. The young lady likes him on the one with whom he doesn't talk excessively. It is fitting to offer that kid or marriage! One of the issues of this age is that they all need to prepare.

'What are you requesting that I do?'

'Will not you address Emon sibling?'

'What would it be a good idea for me to state?'

'I can not instruct what to state. Clarify my circumstance and let me know. I can not state myself, so I need your assistance. '

'Done the issue!'

'I don't have an issue for me.'

Emon Suborna's child Vasur The MSC has passed various days. There are no employments. For what reason not or for what reason not, Subarna does not know precisely. The kid's expectation is great. It is uncommon in the present time. Five days of petition. In any case, the possibility of ​​Subarna is not as much as the duty. Whatever it might be, he called him toward the evening. Eman showed up in time. After a short jabber, he came to work.

'Eman, do you consider wedding?'

'Close relative, I'm a jobless man. Who will give a young lady? 'Emon grinned.

'That is additionally a word. Would you like to be jobless or isn't that right?

'Not being. That is not the way I need it. '

'There is no weight from the family.'

Iam grinned a bit, 'I don't know any longer on the grounds that there is no weight. As a matter of fact guardians and guardians are more than me. '

'It really is great That's the reason you call it extraordinarily to call it. I have a lady It would be better on the off chance that you say your fan without saying a lady of the hour. She adores you. Needs to wed you But he wouldn't like to talk or say himself. Marriage can happen on the off chance that you concur and the young lady's gatekeeper concurred.

Iman was astounded at his face, yet he pondered, 'Who is that young lady?'

'The relative of my dad.'

Will the name be called?


'Such is life. Be that as it may, his family will concur with me to wed him? I'm jobless. '

'That is my announcement as well. Furthermore, I won't go to my brother by marriage to consent to these things. You will see a little converse with him? In the event that you can get it. '

'I have no protest. I will call you when the time comes to you. '

'Furthermore, now here I am. I'll send it. '

Rest took quite a while. Emon sat on the eye of the daily paper kept before him, and when Sutti came unobtrusively he took a gander at him.

'How are you resting?'

'All things considered, how are you?'

'I'm likewise great.'

Emon saw there is no issue in the subdivision. Well done. He himself can talk unreservedly in it.

'Close relative revealed to me something about you. I figure I should keep a few things clear from them. "

'Let me know.'

'You know I lack a vocation yet. Try not to pick a young lady's gatekeeper jobless kid for her own girl. What's more, dislike the age of Generation. My Lifestyle likes them

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