The happiness of freedom

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Gahin is a wilderness. In the wilderness, he grinned before a tiger give in. Tiger left the surrender and stated, 'who are you? Remaining before my give in!

He grinned and stated, 'I don't know my identity.' I'm a screwdriver.

Tiger stated, 'I've never observed you! Why are you giggling before my give in? I know my identity? I tiger This is the lord of the backwoods. '

Lord of this timberland!' The jackal chuckles a great deal. At that point stated,

'Khaunk Khaanka Khaank -

Tiger or King,

See, look!

The fox is extremely furious at the tiger's words. He stated, 'Your awesome valor? I am stating a rhyme?

The insightful said with savvy shrewdness, "Everybody peruses in the book - Lion is the King of the woods. I don't intend to call myself a lord. What do you mean by your words?

The tiger eyes took a gander at the zenith of the eyes greater. The fox stated, 'On the off chance that you advise the giraffe to eat grass on your neck, will he do it?' Again, if the elephants say ... 'Tigers don't give the tigers a chance to complete the tigers. He stated, 'Stand up, hold up. Give me a chance to comprehend Will the giraffe eat grass down?

Would you be able to mean? On the off chance that you are the lord of the woods, everybody will obey you.

The tiger thought all of a sudden, 'Well. It will be tomorrow morning.

There was a weevil rabbit in the woodland. Toward the beginning of the day the villagers went to the green grass in move to move and move. At the point when a grasshopper's mouth would bite with a face, around then, giraffe Kaku was attempting to eat grass by bringing down his throat. The rabbit was exceptionally amazed. He went to the giraffe and stated, 'giraf kaku, how tall is your throat You will eat tall tree clears out.

Giraffe Kaku stated

I know, I know.

Not all that short, sufficiently long
My throat.

'Why are you endeavoring to eat grass rather than throat?' Because you requested the giraffe. Giraffe Kaku said unfortunately, 'This is the request of our lord.

The little rabbit stated, 'don't be vexed, Kaku. I will go to the ruler promptly. 'At that point he began goodbye to the tiger give in.

A stream fell adjacent to the street. Seeing that elephants in the waterway water splash water with their granddad. The rabbit came before the elephant and stated, 'elephant granddad, for what reason do you splash the waterway with your feet? You can do it by tearing!

Elephant granddad stated,

'I know, I know.

Know today with strides

The water of the chitai stream.

The rabbit stated, 'Is this additionally the ruler's request?'

The elephant granddad said unfortunately, 'Indeed, our ruler's request. Ruler Tiger of the timberland requesting that I sprinkle water this way.

How is it Can not sprinkle water with elephants and trunk? One must do this. With the takeoff of elephant granddad, the weevil rabbit began strolling again towards the give in of the tiger.

There was a major banyan tree in transit. The rabbit saw that the serpent mummy under the tree stood noiseless. A cushion in his gr!
asp. The rabbit came up and stated, 'Wonderful mummy, why are you remaining with cushions?

The ostricent mummy stated

Who let you know not to gripe

I'm eating chicken

Pillis, with hands.

The rabbit stated, 'Why are you sitting with a cushion and eating chicken? On the off chance that you nod off on the pad, at that point you can!

The sage stated, the ruler's request is such. You can not rest from the chicken at this point. The rabbit turned out to be extremely energized. He stated, 'I am setting off to the lord. I'll see why he is requesting it.

Sagar mummy stated, 'You can see, Parcees or anything to do. There is nothing in this state now that flexibility is there.

Miniclip rabbit showed up before a tiger give in to walk The lord was adjacent to the tiger, the fire Seeing the rabbit, the tiger stated, 'What's the issue, small rabbit? Why me before my buckle?

The rabbits did not freeze. The tiger stated, 'giraffe kacu can not eat leaves from tall branches. Elephants are not showering water with granddad and turtles. The clam mummies are not ready to eat chicken or rest.

What the pimples said would be the ears of the tiger. At that point the tiger stated, he is the lord of the woods. Everybody will tune in to what he says. Accessory Rabbit needed to know why?

Tigers can state something, before that the artist stated,

'Khaunk Khaanka Khaan

There is no flexibility
See, look!

The high school rabbit was exceptionally irritated by the expressions of the punk. Comprehend this, the lord of the timberland made new principles for all the mischievous foxes. The rabbit stated, 'Yet then make new standards for this privateer. Disclose to him mu.

Consider what a tiger may have been. At that point he stated, 'Indeed, fox, starting now and into the foreseeable future you will call mu.

Happy circumstances

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