This is the name of friend

4년 전

The kid is white, basic, simple, so basic that in the wake of assuming liability for keeping pace with this period, Nilay has assumed liability.

Taking the name of the diverse names from little belas, Niloy is coming to companions.

For instance .. God, Hubble, a few people call Sadharam as Niloyake.

Nilai is a play-pot to everybody, not only companions of a similar age,

Every so often, a portion of the words left the mouth of old companions like teachers, and while in transit to the projectile.

On that day, Rahim sir took a gander at Nilai and stated, "It isn't care for staying here like a hubala."

When Sir is done, every one of the understudies of the classroom are grinning. These things never appear to be embarrassed about Nilai. Or maybe, he giggles with all the young men and young ladies on that day.

Just a single can not giggle, who simply consider Niloya, for what reason do they do that with this kid? They don't comprehend why they are not ordinary, they are a debilitated.

Tasi and Niloy are each other's neighbors, they have a decent connection between their two families ... Tashi encounters Niloy to go to the side of Niallay. For what reason did Tasir realize that he could do the most ideal approach to improve Nilai? No one else can ridicule giggling. He will resemble other typical young men. For this, dependably there is a need to remain one next to the other as a companion.

It is better if the companion is another person.

Tashi Aggi came to think about this close Nilay.

There was just a single sworn in him, Nilaye would see all the misery of the inconvenience as himself. Such huge numbers of years passed ...........

Presently they have become excessively, have gone from school to class, changed their lives, more quick witted than previously, to keep somewhat irate in the face ... nobody has ever gotten anyone from Nilai.

Just now, nobody else can get the strength to offer name to the name of Hablala, Sadharam, in words without any words.

In spite of the fact that companions are leaving Nilaya now, Tilak, Nilay Doctor, Nilai's jan, and so forth. These things can not be stated, in light of the fact that he can answer these things when at that point.

Tatsara resembles saying that it is totally allowed to drop it.

Like Tasi is really the specialist of Niula. The specialist couldn't do it previously. Tashi could do it. To dispose of nilayake gradually from the side of the nilaya.

Nobody at any point thought of it.

At the point when Tasi went to Niloy's home and asked about Nile, the story was snickering with Nilai. In any case, making Niloyake hard to make it troublesome. Today, nobody recollects Niall's birthday, he recalls that, since he once knew how to converse with the mother and discussed this day. From that point forward, he didn't revolt in the mind that date ........... today that day, Tasi pondered what can be given to Niloy. Tasie gets the answer for think. He can be given a versatile, when you need to talk, you can converse with Nilai. Aside from this, it will be exceptionally glad to get unloaded versatile.

Tasi went to Nilay's room and shut the eyes of Nile from the back and delicately squeezed it in two hands.

Nilaya said nothing, quietly expelled the hand. Tashee got a considerable measure of inconvenience in this first year. He goes to a photograph of Neil, holding tight the divider, saying that you will never be great, you can not resemble ten ordinary young men ever?

Tasi was in a line, Niloy in that same room, she didn't take a gander at Tasir, she would not like to realize what had happened. Tashi eyes two hands on the hands of Nilai and gave it .........

Today, upon the arrival of Friendship Tasir versatile, numerous individuals are making SMS by calling him, yet a portion of the general population who are sitting tight for Tasi are still not getting anything. Niloy is great at this point. Thus, sitting tight for Tashi to send a comment.

In the meantime, a message from Nilia comes in Taseer Mobail ......... Tasi peruses the message with awesome delight.

More than a few days ago, Tasi looks great today

Since he has done today, he is magnificent, he will take a sariadadin. A few blossoms take away with Nilai. On that side, Niloy realizes that Tasi will come and hear him out as a tune and after that download melodies from the registering portable. Tasi came and sat before Niloy compiator. Tasi discreetly went into the room and again grasped the nail from the back and set the blossoms before his nose. Subsequent to taking a gander at the light, he took a look and said thanks to Tasya.

Tasi is exceptionally upbeat today. She sat inverse the substance of Nilai.

In the wake of holding a hand with Nilai a couple of hours in the wake of going noiseless? Nilaya shyfully twisted the head and let you know. Go to see the ocean? Nilaya demonstrates the want to go once more.

Today is an exceptional day

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